Scott Pfitzinger is a composer and academic librarian at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, and has been studying medieval and Renaissance dance since about 1998. He began this project in a graduate-level Music History class and spent the better part of four years compiling this collection and indexes. Under the pseudonym Bruno Lachner, he teaches and learns dance, music, heraldry, and axe throwing in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

  • Master of Music – Composition, 2010
    • Butler University, Indianapolis, IN
  • Master of Library Science, 1994
    • Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
  • Bachelor of Music – Theory/Composition, 1990
    • Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, MI

Contact: pfitzburg[at]


I would like to thank the various music teachers I have had, who helped me develop a continually growing interest in how music is created and organized. I would especially like to thank my friends in the SCA who have taught me various kinds of medieval and Renaissance dance and who have encouraged me in this project. Special thanks to Mistress Elashava Bas Riva, my mentor and friend, Belle, Gianna, Rosanore, Darius, Alina, Anpliça, Marcial, Dafydd, Gregory, Urraca, Thyra, and all the dancers and teachers at Pennsic, Northshield Dance Seminar, kingdom universities, and other events, who share their love of historical dance in person and online. Additional thanks are due to the various people who have researched and worked on re-creating many of these dances ahead of me, and who shared their work in books and online. These people include Jeremy Barlow, Cecil Sharp, Robert M. Keller, Greg Lindahl, Colin Hume, Dafydd Cyhoeddwr, William Palmer, and Bob Green.