Fly Boat

1718 Line
Ed. 2:3-4; 3 Longways – 3 Active Couples
Bb Major AABB adlib

A1 1-4: First two Couples take right hands across and go halfway around.
A1 5-8: Take left hands across and go back.

A2 1-4: Take hands with your Neighbor and lead to the Wall a Double and back again.
A2 5-8: Go back to back with your Partners.

B1 1-4: 1st Couple lead down through the 2nd Couple and cast up behind them again.
B1 5-6: Turn Single.
B1 7-10: Cross over and go down behind the 2nd Couple.
B1 11-14: Then go the Figure through the 2nd Couple, crossing up through and going down behind again.

B2 1-4: 1st Man cast up behind 2nd Man and come around to stand between the 2nd Couple, while the 1st Woman casts down behind the 3rd Woman and stands between the 3rd Couple.
B2 5-6: All Turn Single.
B2 7-10: Each line three abreast lead a Double toward the other and back again.
B2 11-14: 1st Man cast down around the 2nd Man while the 1st Woman casts up around the 3rd Woman to end in the 2nd place.

Repeat down the line.

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