Ed. 1-10 Longways – 3 Couples
G Minor 4 x AABB

Note: The 7th Edition of the Dancing Master introduced a change or misprint that was perpetuated through the 10th Edition. The first six editions started the dance with “Meet all a D. Back again.”

Note #2: This dance is for 2 Men and 4 Women, with the Men in the middle of each line facing each other.


A1 1-2: Sides take hands and meet all a Double.
A1 3-4: Fall back again.

A2 1-4: That again.

B1 1-2: Men go between the two Women to your own left, taking hands and leading them out a Double.
B1 3-4: Change hands and go back a Double.
B1 5-8: Then turn the person in front of you.

B2 1-2: Men lead the Women on your side out a Double.
B2 3-4: Meet again.
B2 5-8: Turn your Opposite.


A1 1-4: Both lines lead 2 Doubles toward the left wall.

A2 1-4: Back again.

B1 1-2: 1st Man go forward and take one Woman by hand into the center.
B1 3-6: Then the others take hands all four and go once around them.
B1 7-8: All fall back to your places.

B2 1-8: 2nd Man do the same.


A1 1-4: Both lines lead 2 Doubles toward the right wall.

A2 1-4: Back again.

B1 1-4: The two Women at each end lead out a Double and back, while the Men turn and lead out toward the wall and back.
B1 5-8: The four Women meet, take hands and go round, while the Men Turn Single.

B2 1-8: Go all as before, with the Men taking hands and going round while the Women Turn Single.


A1 1-4: Meet all as at the first.

A2 1-4: Repeat.

B1 1-4: Men go between the top two Women, take hands all abreast, and go up a Double then back a Double, raising their hands while the Bottom Women go around above them then back under their arched hands.
B1 5-8: Bottom Women turn each other once around, while the Men turn the Women above them back to places.

B2 1-4: Repeat with the Bottom Women, the Top Women going around and under.
B2 5-8: Top Women turn each other, while the Men turn the Women below them back to their places.

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