Irish Lady, The

Ed. 1-8 Duple Minor Longways Repeated
C Major 3 x AABB adlib

Note: In the first progressive section, the first man and second woman “go about into each other’s place.” Since the second progressive section involves people going around others into their places, it is safe to assume that the character of this dance requires that in the first section as well.


A1 1-8: Lead up all a Double forward and back.

A2 1-8: That again.

B1 1-8: Set and Turn Single.

B2 1-8: That again.


A1 1-8: 1st Man and 2nd Woman cross and go around their Partners into each other’s places.

A2 1-8: 1st Woman and 2nd Man do the same.

B1 1-4: 1st Man and 2nd Woman change places.
B1 5-8: The other two do the same.

B2 1-8: 1st Couple cast off into the 2nd Couple’s place.

Repeat down the line.


A1 1-8: 1st Couple cross over, the Man going between the 2nd Couple and around the 2nd Woman while the Woman goes down behind the 2nd Man into the 2nd Man’s place.

A2 1-8: 1st Couple cross over again, the Man going through the 2nd Couple and up behind the 2nd Man and the Woman going around the 2nd Woman, both into your original places.

B1 1-8: All four hands across and go once around.

B2 1-8: 1st Man cast off into the 2nd Man’s place, the 2nd Man following up into the 1st Man’s place, the Women doing the same.

Repeat down the line.


A1 1-4: 1st and 2nd Man change places by the right hands, the Women doing the same by the left hands, the 1st Couple continuing around to the outside of the 2nd Couple.
A1 5-8: All four fall abreast and lead up to the Presence.

A2 1-4: Fall back a Double.
A2 5-8: 1st Man cast off to the left, the 2nd Man following him into your original positions, while the Women do the same.

B1 1-4: 1st and 2nd Couples change places with your own.
B1 5-8: 1st Man and 2nd Woman change places while the 1st Woman and 2nd Man change places.

B2 1-4: Both Couples change places with your own again.
B2 5-8: All Set and Turn Single.

Repeat down the line.

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