Madge on a Tree

Ed. 17-18 Longways – as many as will
A Minor 3 x AA adlib

Note: This tune was included in all 18 editions, but was called by various names, including “Mage on a Cree,” (editions 1-3) “Mage on a Tree,” (editions 4-7) “Madge on a Tree,” (8-18) and “Margery Cree” (17-18, alt.) For most of the editions, the accompanying dance was a Round Dance for four couples. In the last couple editions, the dance was changed to a longways dance for as many as will. To keep these dances distinct, I have used the first and last titles for the two different dances.

Note #2: This dance may be done without adhering strictly to the music.


A1 1-8: 1st Man Side Right with your Partner.
A1 9-16: Then turn each other one and a half times around, to end improper.

A2 1-16: Then both of you Side Right with your Neighbor and turn them one and a half times around, changing places.

AA: And so on continuing down the line and back up the other side to your original places, the rest following.


A1 1-8: All take hands with your Partner and go up and back a Double.
A1 9-16: 1st Man cast off to the bottom, all the men following, as the 1st Woman casts off on her side at the same time, all the Women following.

A2 1-8: All go up and back a Double again.
A2 9-16: 1st Couple take hands and lead up to the top, all the rest following.


AA: Circular Hey – 1st Man take your Partner by the Right Hand and change places. Then take the 2nd Woman by the Left hand and change places, the 1st Woman doing the same with the 2nd Man, the rest joining and following around as they meet the 1st Man or Woman. Continue as long as you please.

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