Marlborough, The

Ed. 13-18 Duple Minor Longways
C Major AABBCC adlib

Note: The Minuet Step (B & C sections) generally consists of the following: Step, feet together (rise to toes and fall), step, step, step, feet together (rise and fall).

A1 1-2: 1st Man and 2nd Woman Set to each other.
A1 3-12: Then go the whole Figure around the other two, crossing through and going around your Partners, then the same for the other, ending in your own positions.

A2 1-12: The other two do the same.

B1&2: 1st Man turn the 2nd Woman once round with the Minuet Step.

C1 1-8: 1st Woman and 2nd Man turn once around with the Minuet Step.
C1 9-16: All four take hands and go quite round.

C2 1-4: Sides take hands and turn halfway round.
C2 5-8: Then back again.
C2 9-12: The 1st Couple, being at the top, cast off below the 2nd Couple.
C2 13-16: Then turn each other by both hands.

Repeat down the line.

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