Miller’s Jig #2

Ed. 17-18 Triple Minor Longways
C Major AABB adlib

Note: The first 16 editions of The Dancing Master had a different set of dance instructions.

Later version:

A1 1-2: 1st and 2nd Couples take right hands across and go round.
A1 3-4: Turn, take left hands across, and go back again.

A2 1-2: Left hands across and go round.
A2 3-4: Turn, take right hands, and go back again, Turning Single back into your place.

B1 1-3: 1st Couple cross over and go down behind the 2nd Couple into their place.
B1 4-6: Go the half Figure through the 2nd Couple, crossing up through and going down behind.

B2 1-2: Then lead down through the 3rd Couple and cast back up.
B2 3-4: Lead up through the 2nd Couple, and cast down into the 2nd place.
B2 5-6: Turn your Partner by both hands.

Repeat down the line.

Original Text: