Sham Doctor, The

Ed. 9C-18 Triple Minor Longways
Bb Major AABB adlib

Note: Each edition has the segno 𝄋 symbol two measures from the end, but no dance instructions to go with it.

A1 1-4: 1st Couple go the half Figure through the 2nd Couple, crossing down through and going up behind.

A2 1-2: 1st Couple turn each other halfway round.
A2 3-4: Then cast off into the 2nd place.

B1 1-2: 1st Man go down the middle to the 3rd Couple and all three take hands and go halfway round, the 1st Woman doing the same with the 2nd Couple.
B1 3-4: 1st Couple meet in the middle and clap hands once, then lead through between the two Women and cast off to the middle again.

B2 1-2: 1st Couple meet and clap hands again, then lead between the two Men and cast back to the middle.
B2 3-4: All turn your Partners halfway round, the 1st Couple ending in the 2nd place proper.

Repeat down the line.

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