Simple Simon

Ed. 3-10 Longways – 4 Couples
C Major AAAA adlib

Note: This dance is slower and not really in cut time. A Set and Turn Single has been added to the first verse to fill the time.

Note #2: This is a progressive dance, like a duple minor longways for 4 couples. Couples reaching the ends should sit out one verse then come back in as the opposite number, until all have reached their original positions.

A1 1-2: Lead up all a Double forward and back.
A1 3-4: Set and Turn Single.
A1 5-8: That again.

A2 1-2: 1st Man put back the 2nd Woman, turning her around to change places with her.
A2 3-4: 2nd Man do the same with the 1st Woman.
A2 5-6: 2nd Woman do the same with the 1st Man.
A2 7-8: 1st Woman do the same with the 2nd Man.

A3 1-2: 1st Man Arm Right with the 2nd Woman halfway round and stay in each other’s places.
A3 3-4: 2nd Man the same with the 1st Woman.
A3 5-6: 2nd Woman Arm Left with the 1st Man halfway round and stay there.
A3 7-8: 1st Woman the same with the 2nd Man.

A4 1-2: 1st Couple cross over and go down behind the 2nd Couple, the 2nd Couple moving up.
A4 3-4: 2nd Couple do the same back to your place.
A4 5-6: 1st Couple honour each other and salute or kiss.
A4 7-8: Then cast off into the 2nd place.

Repeat down the line.

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