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Ed. 1-18 Longways – as many as will
C Major AABB adlib

Note: Verse II of this dance is not in the usual pairs of Couples (duple minor), but as an entire line, involving the top and bottom Couples.


A1 1-4: Honour the Presence.

A2 1-4: Honour your Partner.

B1 1-2: Take hands with your Neighbor and fall back a Double.
B1 3-4: Open, then close.
B1 5-8: Then cross and change places with your Partner.

B2 1-8: That again to your places.


A1 1-4: 1st Man lead your Partner halfway down the middle of the line and honour her.

A2 1-4: Then lead her the rest of the way to the bottom and honour her again, remaining at the bottom.

B1 1-2: 1st Man take hands with the last Man, the Women the same, and fall back a Double from your Partners, the top two Couples doing the same.
B1 3-8: Open, close, and change places as before.

B2 1-8: That again.

AABB: Each Couple at the top repeat this, until the 1st Couple is back in the 1st place.

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