Trip to Bury, A

Ed. 11A-18 Duple Minor Longways
F Major AAB adlib

Note: This dance is slower and not really in cut time.

A1 1-2: 1st Couple cross over and go down behind the 2nd Couple.
A1 3-4: Then go back to back around each other, remaining improper.

A2 1-4: 2nd Couple do the same.

B 1: The two Men being in the Women’s places, take hands and fall back a Double, the Women doing the same at the same time.
B 2: Then all four meet and turn backs to each other.
B 3-4: Take hands facing out and go halfway round.
B 5: Take Right hands across and go halfway round
B 6: Then Left hands across, and go back halfway round.
B 7: 1st Couple cross up between the 2nd Couple and go down behind them.
B 8: 1st Couple turn each other halfway round by the Right hand.

Repeat down the line.

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