Publication Information 2&3

Dance TitleYear First
11th of July, The17182:3-4
About Ship17102:1-4
Albion’s Queen17102:1-4
All Alive17102:1-4
All Together, One After Another17182:3-4
Anna Bella17263
As Quick As You Please17182:3-4
Audenard Battle17102:1-4
Barn Elms17102:1-4
Barnacles17182:3-4; 3
Barr a Barr17102:1-2
Bashful Swain, The17263
Beau’s Retreat, The17182:3-4; 3
Beautiful Clarinda17263
Beaux Stratagem, The17102:1-4
Belgia Retriev’d17102:1-4
Blackwell Hall17102:1, 3-4
Bleinheim Castle17102:1-4
Blenheim Pound17102:1-4
Blundel’s Maggot17182:3-4
Bonny Lass, The17102:1-4
Booth’s Hornpipe17263
Booth’s Minuet, Mrs.17263
Bowket, The17182:3-4
Boys and Girls Come Out to Play, the New Way17263
Boys and Girls to Play17102:1-4
Brisk and Airy17102:1-4
Britains’ Glory17182:3-4
Britain’s Success17182:3-4
British Toper, The17182:3-4; 3
Briton, The17182:3-4
Broad Sentry17263
Brock’s Jig17263
Brook and Hilliar17182:3-4
Buckingham House #117102:1-2
Bugbee’s Hole17263
Bulock’s Hornpipe17263
Bump Her Belly17102:1-4
Bunter’s Delight, The17102:1-4
Burgundy’s Flight17102:1-4
Burlington House17182:3-4
Buxom Betty17263
Canary’s, The17263
Cank Assembly17263
Captain Corbet’s Maggot17182:3-4
Catherine Street17102:1-2
Chalk’s Hornpipe17182:3-4
Charmer, The17182:3-4
Charming Delights, The17263
Charming Maid17182:3-4
Cheshire Hall17182:3-4
Chloe’s Farewell17182:3-4
Churchill’s March17102:1-4
Cloe the Fair17263
Cock-Ey’d Brown17263
Collier’s Daughter, The17182:3-4
Come Along, Joan17182:3-4
Come Let’s Be Merry17263
Compleat Britain, The17182:3-4
Constant Billey17263
Constant Leander17182:3-4
Constant Lover, The #117102:1-4
Constant Lover, The #217263
Cook’s Humour17182:3-4
Coppindger’s Maggot17102:1-4
Cosgill’s Delight, Mr.17263
Count Leon17102:1-4
Country Courtship17263
Cupid Disarm’d17182:3-4
Damon’s Complaint17263
Daphne’s Delight17102:1-4
Dapper Dickey17263
Dash the Drawer17102:1-4
Devil in the Bush, The17102:1-4
Diamond Hall17102:1, 3-4
Disappointed Widow, The17263
Doctor’s Commons17182:3-4
Donawert Pass17102:1-4
Dorinda’s Tea Table17182:3-4; 3
Double the Cape17102:1-4
Down Among the Dead Men17263
Dr. Fauster’s Tumblers17263
Draw Cupid Draw17102:1-4
Drive the Monsieur from Flanders17102:1-4
Duchess of Grafton17102:1-4
Ducks and Drakes17102:1-4
Dudmason Hall17182:3-4; 3
Duke d’Amount’s Delight17182:3-4
Duke of Anjou’s Flight, The17182:3-4
Duke of Marlborough’s March17102:1-4
Dunbury Castle17263
Dunkirk17182:3-4; 3
Dutch Skipper17102:1-4
Dutch Skipper Jig17102:1-4
Eccles’s Maggot17102:1-4
Elector of Hanover’s March, The17102:1-4
Epsom New Wells17102:1-2
Evans’s Delight17182:3-4
Evans’s Jig17102:1-4
Ever Happy17102:1-4
Ever Pleasant17182:3-4; 3
Every Lad His Lass17102:1-4
Exeter Ladies17102:1-4
Fair and Softly17263
Fair Phillis17182:3-4
Fair Quaker of Deal17182:3-4
Fairbank’s Maggot17263
Fairy Queen17263
Farewell to the Gout17102:1-4
Farises’s Fear17263
Female Tattler, The17102:1-4
Fickle Fanny17263
Flora’s Vagaries17182:3-4; 3
Fly Boat17182:3-4; 3
Foot Guard’s March, The17182:3-4
Fop’s Fancy17182:3-4
Fort Mounjoy17102:1-4
Frank and Easie17102:1-4
Free Mason’s Health17263
Freeman’s Yard17102:1-2
French Morris, The17263
French Peasant, and the Jig17182:3-4
Friar Bungy17263
Friendship, The17182:3-4
Frisk it Freely17102:1-4
Frisky Jenny17182:3-4
Furbelows and Apricocks17102:1-4
Furlong, The17102:1-2
General Webb’s March17182:3-4
Generous Conquest17182:3-4
George’s Maggot #217102:1-4
Godwin’s Maggot17102:1-4
Golden Age17182:3-4
Golden Grove17102:1-4
Good Advice17263
Good Luck at Last17182:3-4
Grange Court17182:3-4
Green Goose Fair17182:3-4; 3
Green Haystings17182:3-4
Greenwich Hospital17182:3-4
Grigg’s Maggot17102:1-4
Hailston Jig17102:1-4
Hambleton’s Round O17102:1-2
Hamstead Heath #117102:1-2
Hamstead Heath #217182:3-4
Hap nap an a venture17263
Happy Bride, The17263
Happy Conclusion17182:3-4
Happy Couple17182:3-4
Happy Improvement17182:3-4
Hare Hatch17263
Harlequin a Director17263
Hay Cock, a Hay Cock, A17263
Health, The17102:1-4
Health to All Honest Men, A17182:3-4
Health to the Tackers, A17182:3-4
Heath’s Dance, Mr.17102:1-4
Her Killing Eyes17182:3-4
Hercules and Hyphronius17263
Hey Makers, The17262:4
Hey-Makers Dance in Faustus17263
High Ginks17182:3-4
Highland Lass #117102:1-2
Highland Lass #217182:3-4
Highlander’s Maggot, The17263
Highlander’s Wedding, The17182:3-4; 3
Hillerd’s Ambition17263
Hill’s Dance, Mrs.17102:1-4
Hill’s New Paspey, Mr.17102:1-4
His Majesty’s Health17182:3-4
Hochstet Battle17102:1-4
Hogsdon Square17102:1-4
Holbourn Bars17182:3-4
Holland’s Gin17263
Hombey House17102:1-4
Honest Robin17263
Hordly Hall17102:1-4
Horsey-Down Fields17102:1-4
Humours of the Age17102:1-2
Humours of the Bath17263
I Mun Be Married a Tuesday17102:1-4
In the Fields of Frost and Snow17102:1-4
Indian Emperor, The17263
Irish Howle, The17263
Irish Round, The #117102:1-2
Irish Round, The #217182:3-4
Islington Wells17102:1-4
Jack the French Man17102:1-4
Jack of the Green17263
Jigg it E Foot17102:1-4
Jockey Rejected17182:3-4; 3
John a-Nokes the Footman17263
John the Mad Man17263
Johnson’s Humour, Mr.17182:3-4
Johnson’s Maggot17263
Jolly Bacchus17182:3-4
Jolly Roger17102:1-4
Jolly Widow, The17102:1-4
Jonathan’s Trip17263
Joy after Sorrow17182:3-4
Jumper’s Chase17182:3-4
Juno and Pallas17263
Jupiter and Juno17263
Jusper’s Maggot17102:1-4
Just as You Will17263
Justice Busie17102:1-4
Kelsterne Gardens17263
Kelston House17102:1-4
Kelway’s Maggot17182:3-4
Kettleby’s Whim17182:3-4
Kidlinton Green17102:1-4
Kill Him with Kindness17102:1-4
Kind and Easy17182:3-4
King George’s Birthday17263
King George’s March, and the Jig17182:3-4
King’s Head Hornpipe, The17263
King’s Maggot17182:3-4
Kit Cat Club, The #117102:1-2
Kit Cat Club, The #217182:3-4
Ladies’ Last Stake, The17102:1-3
Lads and Lasses17263
Lady Dainty17102:1-4
Lady Essex17102:1-4
Lady Herbert’s Delight17102:1-4
Lady Mary’s Courant17102:1-4
Lambeth Ferry17102:1-4
Lambeth New Wells17263
Lancaster Lasses, The17263
Last Disappointment17182:3-4
Laughing Vicar, The17182:3-4; 3
Lilies and Roses17263
Linco17182:3-4; 3
Lincoln Heath17182:3-4
Littleton’s Flight from St. James’s17263
Livingstone’s Green17102:1-4
London Bridge17102:1-4
London’s Glory #117102:1-2
London’s Glory #217182:3-4
Lord Cutt’s March17102:1-4
Lord Hereford’s Delight17102:1-4
Lord Killmurry’s Delight17102:1-4
Lord What’s Come to my Mother?17102:1-4
Love and Beauty17263
Love and Honour17182:3-4
Love and Loyalty17263
Love in a Boarding School17263
Love in a Bottle17102:1-2
Love in a Hop Yard17182:3-4
Love in a Mask17263
Lovely Bride, The17182:3-4; 3
Love’s Triumph17102:1-4
Ludlow Castle17102:1, 3-4
Luxenbrugh, The17182:3-4
Madam Betty17102:1-4
Mademoiselle Dupingle17182:3-4; 3
Major’s Delight, The17182:3-4
Manage the Miser17102:1-4
Many Friends17263
Mark Anthony17182:3-4
Marlborough House17102:1-4
Marlborough’s Victory17102:1-4
Marry Moll17263
Mars and Venus17263
Mary and Dorothy, The17263
Masquerade Royal17182:3-4; 3
May Day17102:1-4
May Fair17102:1-4
Measure for Measure17182:3-4; 3
Melecinda the Pretty17182:3-4
Mellacholly Madam17263
Merry Be Your Hearts17102:1-4
Merry Companion, The17263
Merry Conceit #217102:1-4
Merry Conclusion, The17262:3-4; 3
Merry Hop, The17182:3-4
Merry Milkmaids, The #217182:3-4
Merry Nymphs and Swains, The17263
Minuet Paspe, A17263
Miss Hoyden17102:1-4
Monks’ March, with the Wanders17102:1-4
Monsieur Dupre17263
Montague House17102:1-4
Moreton Castle17102:1-4
Morgan’s Thought17102:1-4
Mother Crump17182:3-4
Motley’s St. James’s17102:1, 3-4
Mourning in Fashion17102:1, 3-4
My Lady Winwood’s Maggot17263
My Lady’s Lap Dog17182:3-4
Nampwich Fair17263
Neptune’s Triumph17182:3-4
New Anything17102:1-4
New Charmer17263
New Czar17102:1-4
New England17263
New Man Tyger17102:1-4
New Margery17102:1-4
New Minuet17102:1-4
New Roger17102:1-4
New Town17263
New Wedding Dance, The17263
Newcastle Racer, The17263
Next Oars17182:3-4
Nine Elms17263
Nobles of Betly, The17263
Noint the Teazer17182:3-4; 3
North Britains17102:1-4
North’s Maggot17182:3-4
Nymph Divine17102:1-4
Obliging Delia17263
Of All Comforts17102:1, 3-4
Off with the Mask17182:3-4
Old Cibell, The17182:3-4
Old Friar, The17263
Old Harry #117102:1-2
Old Harry #217182:3-4
Old Hob17182:3-4
Old Maid in Tears, The17182:3-4
Old Noll’s Hornpipe #117102:1-2
Old Noll’s Hornpipe #217182:3-4
Old Roger the New Way17102:1-4
Orange Nan17182:3-4
Orielton House17102:1-4
Orleans Baffled17102:1-4
Ormond’s March17182:3-4
Oswestry Wake17182:3-4; 3
Our Happy Meeting17182:3-4
Oxford Act17182:3-4; 3
Oxford Bowlers, The17263
Paston’s Maggot17102:1-4
Pastor Fido17263
Patt’s Maggot17102:1-4
Paul’s Alley17102:1, 3-4
Peace and Plenty17182:3-4
Penelope, The17102:1-4
Peroes Dance, The17263
Perseus and Andromeda17263
Phoenix, The17182:3-4; 3
Pinch of Snuff, A17182:3-4
Pinks and Lilies17263
Pint of Darby, A17102:1-4
Piping Pye-Man, The17263
Pity or I Die17263
Ponder’s End17182:3-4
Poor Shepherd in Love, A17182:3-4
Prestwick Bells17263
Pretty Nun17263
Pretty Peggy’s Minuet17263
Pretty Poll17102:1-4
Prince Eugene’s March17102:1-4
Prince Frederick17263
Prince George’s Birthday17102:1-4
Prince of Hess’s Rigadoon, The17263
Prince’s Scotch Dance, Mr.17263
Princess Amelia17263
Punch Alive17263
Pursuit, The17102:1-4
Put in All17102:1-4
Quaker’s Dance, Danc’d in the Play House, The17102:1-4
Queen Ann’s Coronation Day17102:1-4
Queen Bess’s Dame of Honour17102:1-4
Queen of Hearts, The17182:3-4
Queens Borough17102:1-4
Queen’s Square17182:3-4
Ramelli’s Rout #117102:1-2
Ramelli’s Rout #217182:3-4
Ratcliff Cross17263
Raven’s Hornpipe17263
Ravenscroft’s Hornpipe17263
Recruiting Officer17102:1-4
Restoration of King Charles, The17263
Richmond Green17102:1-4
Richmond Hill17182:3-4
Rigadoon Royal17182:3-4
Rimus’s Gavat17263
Rinaldo17182:3-4; 3
Roaring Billey17263
Room for Ramblers17182:3-4
Rover Reform’d, The17182:3-4; 3
Rover Secur’d, The17182:3-4
Rowling Eye, The17263
Royal Fishery17182:3-4
Royal Galliard17182:3-4
Royal Sovereign17182:3-4
Sadler’s Wells17263
Sally’s Fancy17182:3-4
Sanco Panco17263
Savage’s Whim, Mrs.17102:1-4
Scotch Moggy17102:1-4
Scotch Morris, The17263
Scotch Union17102:1-4
Sea Nymphs, The17263
Second Thought’s Best17182:3-4
Serjeant Kyte17182:3-4
Shawbury Park17102:1-4
She Wou’d if She Cou’d17182:3-4
Shoemaker’s Row17182:3-4
Short and Sweet17263
Shropshire Lass #117102:1-4
Shropshire Lass, The #217263
Shropshire Round17102:1-4
Sir Foplin’s Airs17182:3-4
Slater’s Fancy17102:1-4
Smith’s Boree17263
Smith’s Round O17263
Softly Robin17263
Soho Square17182:3-4
Somerset House17182:3-4; 3
Soulton Jig17102:1-4
South Sea17263
South Sea Ladies, The17263
Spanheim, The17102:1-4
St. Brides17102:1-4
St. David’s Day17102:1-4
St. Giles’s Pound17263
St. James’s Park17182:3-4
St. Margaret’s Hill17102:1-4
Stepney Cakes and Ale17182:3-4
Stock Jobbers17182:3-4; 3
Stock Jobbers Dream, The17263
Strawberries and Cream17182:3-4
Sturbitch Fair17102:1-4
Subligny’s Dance17102:1-2
Subligny’s Minuet17182:3-4
Sunday in the Afternoon17182:3-4
Swallowfield Boys17263
Sword Dance, The17102:1-4
Sylvia’s Serenade17182:3-4; 3
Tattler, The17102:1-4
Tattling Miss, The17263
Taylor’s Hop, The17182:3-4
This Great World’s but a Trouble17263
Three Coney Walk17263
Tipling John on the Riot Night17182:3-4
Tipling Philosophers, The17263
Tire’s Maggot17263
Toney’s Rant17263
Trip o’er Tweed, A17102:1-4
Trip to Blenheim, A17182:3-4; 3
Trip to Crown Court, A17263
Trip to Islington, A17102:1-4
Trip to Killburn, A17182:3-4
Trip to Marrow Bone, A #117102:1-3
Trip to Marrow Bone, A #217282:4
Trip to Nottingham, A17102:1-4
Trip to Pancridge, A17263
Trip to Paris, A17263
Trip to the Bell, A17102:1-4
Trip to the Boar, A17182:3-4
Trip to the Camp, A17182:3-4
Trip to Westminster Hall, A17102:1, 3-4
Trumpet Minuet17263
Tub, The #117102:1-4
Tub, The #217182:3-4
Tumas I Cannot17182:3-4
Tunbridge Beauties17102:1-4
Tunbridge Minuet17102:1-4
Tuneful Nightingale, The17182:3-4
Twas o’er the Hills and Far Away17102:1-4
Unconstant Roger17263
Under the Rose17263
Union, The17102:1-4
Union Jig17102:1-4
Up Goes Ely17263
Vain Promise17102:1-4
Veal’s Maggot17182:3-4
Vendosme’s Retreat17102:1-4
Venetian Ambassador17102:1-4
Vicar of Taunton-Dean17182:3-4
Virgin Pullets17182:3-4
Virgin’s Frolic, The17182:3-4
Volunteer, The17102:1-4
Wanton Dolly17263
Warrington Waits17263
Way of the World, The17102:1-4
Wedding Dance, The17102:1-4
Wedding Supper17102:1-4
Welch Whim, The17102:1-4
Well House17102:1-4
We’ll Wed and We’ll Bed17102:1-4
Whig’s Folly17182:3-4
Whirly Gig, The #217263
White Heart Cabbages17182:3-4
Whitsun Holidays17182:3-4
Windsor Prophecy17182:3-4
Windsor Terrace17182:3-4
Wood Lark17102:1-4
Wood Waltton Green17263
Wood’s March17182:3-4
Woodstock Bower17102:1-4
Wou’d You Have a Young Virgin17102:1-4
Young Damon17263
Young Damon’s Flight17182:3-4
Young Philleret17263
Young Phillis17182:3-4
Young Phillis of Wakefield17182:3-4
Young Roger17102:1-4
Young Sir John17102:1-4
Young Strephon17102:1-4
Zephyrs and Flora17182:3-4