Apley House

Ed. 11A-18 Duple Minor Longways
G Major AABBCC adlib

A1 1-2: The two Men take hands and fall back.
A1 3-4: Then Turn Single (moving forward into their original positions).

A2 1-4: The Women do the same.

B1 1-2: Right hands across and go halfway around.
B1 3-4: All Turn Single.

B2 1-4: 2nd Couple being in the 1st Couple’s place, cast off, the 1st Couple following, and all take hands abreast.

C1 1-4: All lead a Double up and back.

C2 1-4: 1st Couple cast down and cross over into the 2nd Couple’s place while the 2nd Couple leads up and crosses over into the 1st Couple’s place.

Repeat down the line.

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