All Dances

An alphabetical list of all the standardized titles of dances published in all editions of the Dancing Master, both Playford and later. Dances from Volumes 2 & 3 will have instructions added as they are finished. For alternate and variant titles, see the Indexes for Volume 1 and Volumes 2 & 3.

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11th of July, The


A la Mode de France
About Ship
Adson’s Saraband
Akeroyde’s Pad
Albion’s Queen
All Alive
All in a Garden Green
All Together, One After Another
Anna Bella
Anna Maria
Ape’s Dance, The
Apley House
Arundel Street
As Quick As You Please
Astrope Wells
Audenard Battle
Aye Me


Barham Down
Barker’s Maggot
Barley-Mow, The
Barn Elms
Barr a Barr
Bashful Swain, The
Bath, The
Beau’s Retreat, The
Beau’s Stratagem, The
Beautiful Clarinda
Beautiful Scrabmagg, The
Beaux Delight, The
Beggar Boy, The
Belgia Retriev’d
Betty’s Maggot
Beveridge’s Ground, Mr.
Beveridge’s Maggot, Mr.
Bishop of Bangor’s Jig, The
Black and Grey
Black Bess
Black Jack
Black Nag
Black Nell
Blackwell Hall
Bleinheim Castle
Blenheim Pound
Bloomsbury Market
Blue Breeches
Blue Cap for Me
Blue Petticoats
Blundel’s Maggot
Boatman, The
Bobbing Joe
Bonny Dundee
Bonny Grey-Ey’d Morn, The
Bonny Lass, The
Booth’s Hornpipe
Booth’s Minuet, Mrs.
Bore, The
Bourrée la Bass
Bouzer Castle
Bowket, The
Boys and Girls Come Out to Play, the New Way
Boys and Girls to Play
Brisk and Airy
Britains, The
Britains’ Glory
Britain’s Success
British Toper, The
Briton, The
Broad Sentry
Brock’s Jig
Brook and Hilliar
Broom: the Bonny, Bonny Broom
Buckingham House #1
Buckingham House #2
Buff Coat
Buford’s March
Bugbee’s Hole
Bulock’s Hornpipe
Bump Her Belly
Bunter’s Delight, The
Burgundy’s Flight
Burlington House
Bury Fair
Butcher’s Hornpipe, The
Buxom Betty


Canary’s, The
Cank Assembly
Captain Corbet’s Maggot
Captain’s Maggot
Carpenter’s Maggot, The
Cary’s Maggot
Cast a Bell
Catch Club, The
Catching of Fleas
Catching of Quails
Catherine Street
Cavylilly Man
Chalk’s Hornpipe
Charmer, The
Charming Delights, The
Charming Maid
Cheerily and Merrily
Chelsea Reach
Cheshire Alley
Cheshire Hall
Cheshire Rounds
Chirping of the Lark, The
Chirping of the Nightingale
Chloe’s Farewell
Christchurch Bells (in Oxon)
Christmas Cheer
Churchill’s March
Cloe the Fair
Cobbler’s Hornpipe, The
Cobbler’s Jig, The
Cock-Ey’d Brown
Cold and Raw
Collier’s Daughter, The
Colonel’s Health, The
Come Along, Joan
Come Let’s Be Merry
Compleat Britain, The
Constant Billey
Constant Leander
Constant Lover, The #1
Constant Lover, The #2
Cook’s Humour
Coppindger’s Maggot
Cornish Squire, The
Coronation Day, The
Cosgill’s Delight, Mr.
Cottey House
Count Leon
Count Tallard
Country Abigail
Country Coll, The
Country Courtship
Country Farmer, The
Crosby Square
Cuckolds All a Row
Cuckoo, The
Cupid Disarm’d
Cupid’s Garden
Czar of Muscovy


Dainty Davy
Damon’s Complaint
Daniel Cowper
Daphne’s Delight
Dapper Dickey
Dash the Drawer
De’il Take the Wars
Devil in the Bush, The
Devil’s Dream, The
Devonshire House
Diamond Hall
Dick’s Maggot
Disappointed Widow, The
Dissembling Love
Doctor’s Commons
Donawert Pass
Dorinda’s Tea Table
Double the Cape
Down Among the Dead Men
Dr. Fauster’s Tumblers
Dr. Pope’s Jig
Dragoon’s March
Draper’s Gardens
Draper’s Maggot
Draw Cupid Draw
Drive the Cold Winter Away
Drive the Monsieur from Flanders
Duchess, The
Duchess of Grafton
Ducks and Drakes
Dudmason Hall
Duke d’Amount’s Delight
Duke of Anjou’s Flight, The
Duke of Gloucester’s March, The
Duke of Lorrain’s March, The
Duke of Luxemburgh’s March
Duke of Marlborough’s March
Duke of York’s Delight, The
Dull Sir John
Dumps, The
Dunbury Castle
Dunkirk #2
Dunmore Kate
Durham Stable
Dutch Skipper & Jig


Eaglesfield’s New Hornpipe, Mr.
Easter Eve
Easter Tuesday
Eccles’s Maggot
Edinburgh Castle
Elector of Hanover’s March, The
Ely Court
Ely Minster
Emperor of the Moon, The
Enfield Common
English Pasby, The
Epping Forest
Epsom New Wells
Epsom Wells
Essex Building
Europe’s Revels
Evans’s Delight
Evans’s Jig
Ever Happy
Ever Pleasant
Every Lad His Lass
Excuse Me
Exeter Ladies


Fain I Would
Fair and Softly
Fair Phillis
Fair Quaker of Deal
Fairbank’s Maggot
Fairy Queen
Farewell to the Gout
Farises’s Fear
Female Tattler, The
Fickle Fanny
Fiddler’s Maggot
Fiddler’s Morris, The
Fine Companion, The
Fit’s Come on Me Now, The
Flora’s Vagaries
Fly Boat
Foot Guard’s March, The
Fop’s Fancy
Fort Mounjoy
Frank and Easie
Free Mason’s Health
Freeman’s Yard
French Ambassador, The
French King’s Mistake, The
French Morris, The
French Peasant and the Jig
French Rigaudon, The
Friar and the Nun, The
Friar Bungy
Friday Night
Friendship, The
Frisk it Freely
Frisky Jenny
Frolic, The
From Aberdeen
Furbelows and Apricocks
Furlong, The
Fy, Nay, Prithee John


Garter, The
Gathering Peascods
Gelding of the Devil
General Webb’s March
Generous Conquest
George’s Maggot
George’s Maggot #2
Geud Man of Ballangigh, The
Gilford, The
Ginnie Pug
Glory of the West, The
Golden Age
Golden Grove
Golden Square
Good Advice
Good Luck at Last
Goodwin’s Maggot
Gossip’s Frolic, The
Grange Court
Granny’s Delight
Gray’s Inn Mask
Green Goose Fair
Green Haystings
Green Sleeves and Pudding Pies
Green Sleeves and Yellow Lace
Green Stockings
Greenwich Hospital
Greenwich Park
Grenadier’s March
Grigg’s Maggot
Gun, The
Gun Fleet, The


Hailston Jig
Half Hannikin
Hambleton’s Round O
Hamstead Heath #1
Hamstead Heath #2
Hang Sorrow
Hap nap an a venture
Happy Bride, The
Happy Conclusion
Happy Couple
Happy Improvement
Happy Marriage, The
Happy Meeting, The
Happy Miller, The
Hare Hatch
Hare’s Maggot, The
Harlequin a Director
Have at Thy Coat, Old Woman
Hay Cock, a Hay Cock, A
Hay Makers, The
Health, The
Health to All Honest Men, A
Health to Betty, A
Health to the Tackers, A
Healths, The
Heart’s Ease
Heath’s Dance, Mr.
Hedge Lane
Hemp-Dresser, The
Her Killing Eyes
Hercules and Hyphronius
Hey Boys, Up Go We
Hey Ho, My Honey
Hey-Makers Dance in Faustus
Hey to the Camp
High Ginks
Highland Lass #1
Highland Lass #2
Highlander’s Maggot, The
Highlander’s March, The
Highlander’s Wedding, The
Hillerd’s Ambition
Hill’s Dance, Mrs.
Hill’s Maggot
Hill’s New Paspey, Mr.
His Majesty’s Health
Hit or Miss
Hobb’s Wedding
Hockley in the Hole
Hochstet Battle
Hogsdon Square
Holbourn Bars
Hole in the Wall
Holland’s Gin
Holyrood Day
Hombey House
Honest Robin
Hordly Hall
Horsey-Down Fields
Humours of the Age
Humours of the Bath
Hunsdon House
Hunt the Squirrel
Huntington’s Maggot
Hyde Park


I Mun Be Married a Tuesday
I Often for my Jenny Strove
If All the World Were Paper
In the Fields in Frost and Snow
Indian Emperor, The
Indian Queen, The
Irish Boree
Irish Ground, The
Irish Howle, The
Irish Lady, The
Irish Round, The #1
Irish Round, The #2
Irish Trot
Isaac’s Maggot, Mr.
Islington Wells


Jack a Lent
Jack of the Green
Jack Pudding
Jack the French Man
Jack’s Farewell, The
Jack’s Health
Jack’s Maggot
Jacob Hall’s Jig
Jenny, Come Tie my Cravat
Jenny Pluck Pears
Jigg it E Foot
Joan Sanderson
Joan’s Placket
Jockey, The
Jockey Rejected
Jockey Was a Dowdy Lad
Jog on, my Honey
John a-Nokes the Footman
John the Mad Man
Johnny, Cock thy Beaver
Johnson’s Humour, Mr.
Johnson’s Jig
Johnson’s Maggot
Jolly Bacchus
Jolly Boy, The
Jolly Breeze, The
Jolly Roger
Jolly Widow, The
Jonathan’s Trip
Jovial Beggars, The
Joy after Sorrow
Juice of Barley, The
Jumper’s Chase
Juno and Pallas
Jupiter and Juno
Jusper’s Maggot
Just as You Will
Justice Busie


Kelsterne Gardens
Kelston House
Kelway’s Maggot
Kemp’s Jig
Kensington Court
Kettle Drum
Kettleby’s Whim
Kidlinton Green
Kill Him with Kindness
Kind and Easy
King George’s Birthday
King George’s March, and the Jig
King of Poland, The
King’s Head Hornpipe, The
King’s Jig
King’s Maggot
Kit Cat Club, The #1
Kit Cat Club, The #2
Knot, The


Ladies’ Conveniency, The
Ladies’ Delight, The
Ladies’ Last Stake, The
Ladies’ Maggot, The
Ladies’ Misfortune, The
Ladies of London
Lads and Lasses
Lady Banbury’s Hornpipe, The
Lady Cullen
Lady Dainty
Lady Day
Lady Essex
Lady Herbert’s Delight
Lady in the Dark
Lady Lie Near Me
Lady Mary’s Courant
Lady Murray’s Delight, The
Lady of Pleasure
Lady Spellor
Lambeth Ferry
Lambeth New Wells
Lambeth Wells
Lancaster Lasses, The
Lane’s Maggot, Mr.
Lane’s Minuet, Mr.
Lane’s Trumpet Minuet (to be danc’d with the Minuet Step), Mr.
Last Disappointment
Last New French Rigaudon, The
Last New Rigadoon, The
Last New Vagaries, The
Laughing Vicar, The
Lilies and Roses
Lilli Burlero
Lincoln Heath
Lincoln’s Inn
Littleton’s Flight from St. James’s
Livingstone’s Green
London Bridge
London’s Glory #1
London’s Glory #2
London’s Loyalty
Lord Chamberlain’s Delight, The
Lord Cutt’s March
Lord Hereford’s Delight
Lord Killmurry’s Delight
Lord Mayor’s Delight, The
Lord of Carnarvon’s Jig
Lord Phoppington, The
Lord! What’s Come to my Mother?
Love and Beauty
Love and Honour
Love and Loyalty
Love for Love: Danc’d in the Play
Love in a Boarding School
Love in a Bottle
Love in a Hop Yard
Love in a Mask
Love Lies a Bleeding
Love Neglected
Lovely Bride, The
Love’s Triumph
Ludlow Castle
Lull Me Beyond Thee
Lumps of Pudding
Luxenbrugh, The


Mad Moll
Mad Robin
Madam Betty
Mademoiselle Dupingle
Madge on a Tree
Mage on a Cree
Maid in the Mill, The
Maid in the Moon, The
Maid Peeped out of the Window, The
Maiden Fair
Maiden Lane
Maid’s Delight, The
Maid’s Last Wish, The
Maid’s Morris
Major’s Delight, The
Mall Peatly
Man Tiger, The
Man Was for Woman Made
Manage the Miser
Mansell, The
Many Friends
Mark Anthony
Marlborough, The
Marlborough House
Marlborough’s Victory
Marriage Hater, The
Marry Moll
Mars and Venus
Mary and Dorothy, The
Mask, The
Masquerade Royal
May Day
May Fair
May Fair #2
Measure for Measure
Melecinda the Pretty
Mellacholly Madam
Mermaid, The
Merry Be Your Hearts
Merry Companion, The
Merry Conceit
Merry Conclusion, The
Merry Hop, The
Merry, Merry Milkmaids, The
Merry Milkmaids, The #2
Merry Nymphs and Swains, The
Merry Milkmaids in Green, The
Milkmaid’s Bob, The
Miller’s Jig #1
Miller’s Jig #2
Millison’s Jig
Minuet Paspe, A
Miss Hoyden
Mock Hobby Horse, The
Mock Match, The
Moll Peatly (the New Way)
Monks’ March, with the Wanders
Monsieur Dupre
Montague House
More the Merrier, The
Moreton Castle
Morgan’s Thought
Mother Brown’s Cat
Mother Crump
Mother Dobney’s Trencher
Motley’s St. James’s
Motson’s Jig
Mount Hills
Mourning in Fashion
Mug House, The
Mulberry Garden
My Lady Foster’s Delight
My Lady Winwood’s Maggot
My Lady’s Lap Dog
My Lord Byron’s Delight
My Lord Byron’s Maggot


Nampwich Fair
Neptune’s Triumph
Never Love Thee More
New Anything
New Bath, The
New Bo-Peep
New Bore, The
New Bourrée, The
New Charmer
New Conceit, The
New Czar
New England
New Figary, The
New Invention, The
New Man Tyger
New Margery
New Minuet
New New Nothing
New Rigadoon, A
New Roger
New Royal Exchange, The
New Town
New Wedding Dance, The
New Whitehall
New Year’s Eve
Newcastle Racer, The
News from Tripoli
Next Oars
Night Piece, The
Nine Elms
Nobe’s Maggot
Nobles of Betly, The
Nobody’s Jig
Noint the Teazer
None such
North Britains
Northern Nancy
North’s Maggot
Nottingham Castle
Nymph Divine


O Mother, Roger
Oaken Leaves
Obliging Delia
Of All Comforts
Of Noble Race Was Shinkin
Off with the Mask
Old Abigal’s Delight
Old Bachelor
Old Cibell, The
Old Friar, The
Old Harry #1
Old Harry #2
Old Hob
Old Maid in Tears, The
Old Man Is a Bed Full of Bones, An
Old Mole, The
Old Noll’s Hornpipe #1
Old Noll’s Hornpipe #2
Old Noll’s Jig
Old Roger the New Way
Old Simon the King
Open the Door to Three
Orange Nan
Oranges and Lemons
Orielton House
Orleans Baffled
Ormond House
Ormond’s March
Oswestry Wake
Our Happy Meeting
Oxford Act
Oxford Bowlers, The


Painted Chamber
Parsons upon Dorothy
Parson’s Farewell
Paspe, A
Paston’s Maggot
Pastor Fido
Patt’s Maggot
Paul’s Alley
Paul’s Steeple
Paul’s Wharf
Peace and Plenty
Penelope, The
Pepper’s Black
Peroes Dance, The
Perseus and Andromeda
Petticoat Wag
Phoenix, The
Phoenix, The #2
Picking of Sticks
Pilgrim, The
Pinch of Snuff, A
Pinks and Lilies
Pint of Darby, A
Piping Pye-Man, The
Pity or I Die
Ponder’s End
Pool’s Hole #1
Pool’s Hole #2
Poor Shepherd in Love, A
Pope Joan
Prestwick Bells
Pretty Miss
Pretty Nun
Pretty Peggy’s Minuet
Pretty Poll
Prince Eugene’s March
Prince Frederick
Prince George
Prince George’s Birthday
Prince of Hess’s Rigadoon, The
Prince Rupert’s March
Prince’s Scotch Dance, Mr.
Princess, The #1
Princess, The #2
Princess Amelia
Princess’s Court, The
Puddings and Pies
Punch Alive
Punch Bowl, The
Punk’s Delight (the New Way), The
Purlongs, The
Pursuit, The
Put in All
Put on Thy Smock a Monday
Putney Ferry
Pye Corner


Quaker’s Dance, Danc’d in the Play House, The
Queen Ann’s Coronation Day
Queen Bess’s Dame of Honour
Queen of Hearts, The
Queen’s Birthday, The
Queens Borough
Queen’s Delight, The
Queen’s Head, The
Queen’s Jig, The
Queen’s Square


Ramelli’s Rout #1
Ramelli’s Rout #2
Ratcliff Cross
Raven’s Hornpipe
Ravenscroft’s Hornpipe
Recruiting Officer
Red Bull, The
Red House
Reeve’s Maggot
Restoration of King Charles, The
Richmond Green
Richmond Hill
Rigadoon Royal
Rimus’s Gavat
Roaring Billey
Rockingham Castle
Roger of Coverly
Room for Ramblers
Rose Is White and Rose Is Red
Round, The
Round O
Rover Reform’d, The
Rover Secur’d, The
Row Well, Ye Mariners
Rowling Eye, The
Royal Fishery
Royal Galliard
Royal Navy, The
Royal Sovereign
Rub Her Down with Straw
Rufty Tufty
Rummer, The
Russel, The


Sadler’s Wells
Sage Leaf
Sailor’s Delight
Sally’s Fancy
Sanco Panco
Sancho Pancho
Saraband, The
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Savage’s Whim, Mrs.
Sawney Was Tall
Scotch Air
Scotch Cap
Scotch Moggy
Scotch Morris, The
Scotch Union
Sea Nymphs, The
Second Thought’s Best
Sellenger’s Round
Serag’s Hornpipe, The
Serjeant Kyte
Sham Doctor, The
Shawbury Park
She Wou’d if She Cou’d
Shepherd’s Daughter, The
Shepherd’s Holiday
Shoemaker’s Row
Shore’s Trumpet Tune
Short and Sweet
Short’s Garden
Shropshire Lass #1
Shropshire Lass, The #2
Shropshire Round
Siege of Buda
Siege of Limerick, The
Silver Faulken, The
Simple Simon
Singleton’s Slip
Sion House
Sir Foplin’s Airs
Slater’s Fancy
Slip, The
Smith’s Boree
Smith’s New Rant
Smith’s Rant
Smith’s Round O
Softly Robin
Soho Square
Soldier and the Sailor, The
Soldier’s Life, A
Solomon’s Jig
Somerset House
Soulton Jig
South Sea
South Sea Ladies, The
Spanheim, The
Spaniard, The
Spanish Gypsy, The
Spanish Jig
Spring Garden
St. Albans
St. Brides
St. Catherine
St. David’s Day
St. Giles’s Pound
St. James’s Park
St. Margaret’s Hill
St. Martin
St. Martin’s Lane
Staggins’s Jig, Mr.
Stanes Morris
Step Stately
Stepney Cakes and Ale
Stock Jobbers
Stock Jobbers Dream, The
Strawberries and Cream
Sturbitch Fair
Subligny’s Dance
Subligny’s Minuet
Sunday in the Afternoon
Swallowfield Boys
Sweet Kate
Sword Dance, The
Sword Dance, The #2
Sylvia’s Serenade


Take Not a Woman’s Anger Ill (for if One Won’t, Another Will)
Tattler, The
Tattling Miss, The
Taylor’s Hop, The
Taylor’s Trip
Temple, The
Temple Change, The
Ten Pound Lass #1
Ten Pound Lass #2
This Great World’s but a Trouble
Thomas You Cannot
Three Coney Walk
Three Sheep Skins
Tipling John on the Riot Night
Tipling Philosophers, The
Tire’s Maggot
Tom Tinker
Toney’s Rant
Touch and Go
Touch and Take
Trip o’er Tweed, A
Trip to Blenheim, A
Trip to Bury, A
Trip to Crown Court, A
Trip to Islington, A
Trip to Killburn, A
Trip to Marrow Bone, A #1
Trip to Marrow Bone, A #2
Trip to Nottingham, A
Trip to Pancridge, A
Trip to Paris, A
Trip to St. John’s Court, A
Trip to the Bell, A
Trip to the Boar, A
Trip to the Camp, A
Trip to the Jubilee, as ’tis Danc’d at the Playhouse, The
Trip to Westminster Hall, A
Trumpet Minuet
Tub, The #1
Tub, The #2
Tumas I Cannot
Tunbridge Beauties
Tunbridge Minuet
Tunbridge Walks
Tuneful Nightingale, The
Twas o’er the Hills and Far Away
Twas within a Furlong of Edinburgh Town
Twelfth Eve
Twenty-Ninth of May, The
Twins, The
Tyger, The
Tythe Pig


Unconstant Roger
Under and Over
Under the Greenwood Tree
Under the Rose
Union, The
Union Jig
Up Goes Ely
Up Tails All
Up with Aily
Upon a Summer’s Day


Vain Promise
Valentine’s Day
Valiant Jockey
Veal’s Maggot
Vendosme’s Retreat
Venetian Ambassador
Vicar of Taunton-Dean
Vigo #2
Virgin Pullets
Virgin Queen, The
Virgin’s Frolic, The
Volunteer, The


Wa Is Me, What Mun I Do?
Wallingford House
Waltham Abbey
Wanton Dolly
Warrington Waits
Watton Town’s End
Way of the World, The
Wedding Dance, The
Wedding Supper
Welch Whim, The
Welcome Home, Old Rowley
Well Hall
Well House
We’ll Wed and We’ll Bed
Well’s Humour
Westminster Hall
What You Please
Whely House
Whig’s Folly
Whim, The
Whirligig, The
Whirly Gig, The #2
White Heart Cabbages
Whitehall Minuet
Whitney’s Farewell
Whitsun Holidays
Wimbleton House
Winchester Wedding
Windsor Castle
Windsor Prophecy
Windsor Terrace
Wish, The
Witches, The
Wolverton Hall
Wood Lark
Wood Waltton Green
Wooden Shoes
Wood’s March
Woodstock Bower
Woolly and Georgey
Wou’d You Have a Young Virgin


Young Damon
Young Damon’s Flight
Young Jemmy #1
Young Jemmy #2
Young Philleret
Young Phillis
Young Phillis of Wakefield
Young Roger
Young Sir John
Young Sir Solomon
Young Strephon
Young’s Delight, Mr.