Half Hannikin

Ed. 1-8 Longways – as many as will
G Major AABB adlib

Note: The original instructions do not indicate three verses but rather explain the progression as described below.

A1 1-4: Lead up all a Double forward and back.

A2 1-4: That again.

B1 1-4: Side Right with your Partner.
B1 5-8: Side Left with your Partner.

B2 1-4: Turn your Partner once around to the left.
B2 5-8: Then turn your Partner most of the way around to the right, the Men ending above your normal positions, the Women below your normal positions, the 1st Man and last Woman standing alone.

AABB: All the others take hands with their new Partners and repeat the dance, ending each verse progressed clockwise up the Men’s side and down the Women’s side. When reaching either end, you stand alone for one repeat, then come in on the other side, continuing until all reach their original positions.

Original Text: