Joan’s Placket

Ed. 10-18 Longways – as many as will
G Major AABB adlib

A1 1-4: 1st Couple Side Right.

A2 1-4: Then Side Left.

B1 1-2: Meet a Double.
B1 3-4: Turn Single.
B1 5-8: Turn each other once around by both hands.

B2 1-2: Meet a Double.
B2 3-8: Turn each other one and a half times around, ending in each other’s place.

Repeat to the 2nd Couple and on down the line, the Man going down the Woman’s side and the Woman on the Man’s Side. Couples at the top do this with your Partner, then go down the other side. At the bottom, do this again with your Partner then go up the other side to your original place.

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