Wa Is Me, What Mun I Do?

Ed. 9A-12 Duple Minor Longways
F Major AAB adlib

A1 1-4: 1st Man take hands with your Partner and the 2nd Woman and circle to the left until you come into the 2nd Woman’s place.
A1 5-8: 1st Man drop hands with 1st Woman and lead both Women clockwise around the 2nd Man, until you are back in the 2nd Woman’s place, and they come all square.

A2 1-4: 2nd Man take the two Women by the hands and circle to the right until you come into the 1st Man’s place.
A2 5-8: 2nd Man drop hands with 1st Woman and lead the two Women clockwise around the 1st Man as he stands, until the 2nd Man comes into the 1st Woman’s place improper, all square as before, the 1st Couple in the 2nd place improper.

B 1-2: The two Men and the two Women balance back and forward.
B 3-4: Then slip twice to the left while remaining face to face, so the Men are below and the Woman above.
B 5: Partners lead to the Wall.
B 6: Turn and lead back.
B 7-8: All four cast off to your own left by turning over your right shoulder, ending in your original places.
B 9-10: 1st Man and 2nd Woman meet and fall back again.
B 11-12: The other two do the same.
B 13-16: Then right and left around 3 passes until the 1st Couple comes into the 2nd Couple’s place.

Repeat down the line.

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