Hyde Park

Ed. 1-3 Square – 4 Couples
D Major 3 x AABB


A1 1-4: 1st and 3rd Couples meet and fall back.

A2 1-4: 2nd and 4th Couples as much.

B1 1-4: 1st and 3rd Men take your Women by both hands and slip sideways into the middle.
B1 5-8: 1st Man take the 3rd Woman by both hands, slip through the 4th Couple and cast off into your places, the 1st Woman and 3rd Man doing the same through the 2nd Couple.

B2 1-8: 2nd and 4th Couples do the same.


A1&2: This as before.

B1 1-4: 2nd and 4th Couples take hands with your Partner and turn halfway round, changing places and making an arch, while the 1st Couple changes places and goes around the outside of their Corners, the 3rd Couple doing the same.
B1 5-8: 1st and 3rd Couples take hands with your Opposites and go under the arms of the 2nd and 4th Couples, then return with your Partners to your own places, improper.

B2 1-8: The other four do the same.


A1&2: This as before.

B1 1-8: Men pass in front of your own Women, then continue on the outside of the next, and so around to your places.

B2 1-8: The Women do the same.

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