Ed. 2-18 Longways – as many as will
G Major A adlib

Note: This dance was done very freely and without adhering strictly to the music, so the instructions below are not matched up with specific measures or sections of the music.


Lead up all a Double forward and back. Do this three times.

1st Couple cast off to the bottom, the rest following. Meet below and come back up. Do this three times.

1st Couple go down under the 2nd Couple’s arms, then the 3rd Couple come up under the 1st Couple’s arms. Continue this arched hey all the way down and back, the rest following. Do this two or three times.


1st Man Set to the 2nd Woman, then to the 1st Woman who follows him, then to the 3rd Woman, then to the 1st Woman, and so down the line to all the Women and back up the line to all the Men. Then 1st Woman do the same, the 1st Man following her.

Then Arm them as you Set to them, Arming left to the line and right to your Partner.


Lead up a Double and back again.

1st Man turn your Partner with your Right hand, then the 2nd Woman with your Left, as you did the Setting and Arming, your Partner following. Then the 1st Woman do the same, the 1st Man following her, going back to the top.

Repeat the entire dance, the 1st Couple casting down to the bottom and the 2nd Couple leading, continuing until all have led the dance.

Original Text:

Simplified Version

Because the original dance was incredibly long and complicated, here is a simpler version.


Lead up a Double and back. Repeat.
1st Couple cast off and lead down the outside, the rest following, then lead back up to your place.


Arched Hey: All take hands, the 1st Couple facing down. 1st Couple goes under the 2nd Couple’s hands, then over the 3rd Couple, etc.
All others follow, turning when you reach the end, and continuing until everyone is back to their original places.


1st Couple turn each other by the right hand once and a half around.
Then turn the 2nd (Opposite) person.
Continue down the line, turning your Partner by the right hand and the others on your side by the left hand.