Mulberry Garden

Ed. 4-10 Duple Minor Longways
D Minor AAB adlib


A1 1-4: Lead up all a Double and back.

A2 1-4: That again.

B 1-4: Fall all back a Double away from your Partner and meet again.
B 5-8: Turn your Partner by both hands.


A1 1-4: All go back to back with your Partner.

A2 1-4: All go back to back with your Neighbor.

B 1-2: All take hands and go half round.
B 3-4: Change places with your Partner.
B 5-8: 2nd Couple being in the 1st place cast off then lead up the center, while the 1st Couple leads up, then casts off.

Do this to the last.

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