Ed. 5-18 Duple Minor Longways
F Major AABB adlib


A1 1-3: Lead up forward and back.
A1 4-6: That again.

A2 1-3: 1st Couple cast off to the 2nd Couple’s place while the 2nd Couple leads up into the 1st Couple’s place.
A2 4-6: 2nd Couple do the same.

B1 1-3: Men take hands, the Women the same, and fall back and meet again.
B1 4-5: 1st Couple cast off, 2nd Couple leading up as before.
B1 6: All cross over into your Partner’s place.

B2 1-3: First two Men go back to back around each other, the Women doing the same.
B2 4-5: Then Men take right hands and go a whole turn, likewise the Women.
B2 6: Then turn left hands with your Partner halfway around.


A1 1-3: 1st Couple lead down between the 2nd Couple and walk around them into your own places.
A1 4-6: Then cross over and go down behind the 2nd Couple to stand in the 2nd place, the 2nd Couple moving up a little.

A2 1-6: Then the 2nd Couple go the Figure of 8 around the 1st Couple, crossing down through and going up behind to end improper.

B1 1-6: Take your Partner by both hands. 1st Man put your Partner back and around into your original places, the 2nd Man pulling his Partner toward himself and around into the 2nd place.

B2 1: 1st Woman cross over to stand before the 2nd Man, while the 1st Man goes behind her to stand before the 2nd Woman.
B2 2-3: 1st Man turn the 2nd Woman to the left until you come to the 2nd Woman’s place, the 1st Woman turning the 2nd Man to the right until she comes to the 2nd Man’s place.
B2 4: Set to your Partner.
B2 5-6: 1st Couple turn your Partner by the right hand halfway around.

Repeat down the line.

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