Hobb’s Wedding

Ed. 9A-18 Duple Minor Longways
C Major AABB adlib

A1 1-2: 1st Couple cast off half way, while the 2nd Couple changes places.
A1 3-4: 2nd Couple lead up a Double and turn away from each other, the Man to the right and the Woman to the left, ending in the 1st place.

A2 1-4: 2nd Man and 1st Woman meet and turn each other by the left hand, the others the same, until all four are in a line with their left shoulders to each other, the Men facing down, and the Women up.

B1 1-2: Then pass by until you form a Square, still facing away.
B1 3-4: All Turn Single to the left hand until you are facing each other.
B1 5-8: Then Right-and-Left three times, the 1st Man beginning with the 2nd Woman and the 2nd Man with the 1st Woman.

B2 1-4: 1st Man pull the 2nd Woman back while the 2nd Man puts the 1st Woman from him until the 2nd Couple comes back to back, each Man kissing the Contrary Woman.
B2 5-8: Then the 1st Couple cast off, the Man to the left-hand and the Woman to the right, while the 2nd Couple casts up both to their right hand, until the 1st Couple is in the 2nd Couple’s place.

Repeat down the line.

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