Row Well, Ye Mariners

Ed. 1-18 Longways – as many as will
G Major AABBCCDD adlib

Note: The 1st Couple dances alone the first time through. The other Couples join in after the 1st Couple has danced with them.


A1 1-4: Lead up a Double forwards and back.

A2 1-4: That again.

B1 1: 1st Man go two slips to the wall.
B1 2: 1st Woman go two slips to the other wall.

B2 1-2: Back again to your places.

C1 1-2: Fall back from your Partner.

C2 1-2: Meet again.

D1 1-2: Clap right and left with your Partner.
D1 3: Clap your own hands together, then clap both hands on your chest.
D1 4: Clap both your hands against your Partner’s hands.

D2 1-4: Clap as before, beginning with your left hands.


A1 1-4: 1st Man cross and Side Right with the 2nd Woman, the 1st Woman doing the same with the 2nd Man.

A2 1-4: Side Left with that person.

B1&2: As before with this new person.

C1&2: As before with this new person.

D1&2: As before with this new person.

Continue down the Contrary side, the rest following and doing the same, crossing at the bottom to go up the other side.

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