Sage Leaf

Ed. 4-18 Round – as many as will
G Major AABBCCDD adlib

Note: The dance steps are covered in A-D, so the E section, present in every edition, 4-18, can be played as a coda or can be used as an alternative tune to D to add variety if the group is large.

A1 1-2: All take hands and go a Double to the left.

A2 1-2: Back again.

B1 1-4: All the Men go a Double into the middle and back again.

B2 1-4: Women do the same.

C1 1-4: 1st Couple lead into the middle and back again.
C1 5-8: Then turn your Partner by the right hand once around.

CC: Repeat for each Couple.

D1 1-4: Each Man turn your Partner around one and a half times by the right hand.

DD: Repeat, turning the next Woman and going on to the next, until all are back in your own places

Repeat B, C, & D with a new 1st Couple. Repeat until every couple has begun to lead in.

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