Princess, The #1

Ed. 11-16 Duple Minor Longways
G Minor AABB adlib

Note: The music stayed the same, but the dance changed in the last two editions.

A1 1-2: Neighbors take hands and fall back a Double.
A1 3-4: Meet your Partner, Turning Single as you go forward.
A1 5-6: 1st Couple lead down the middle into the 2nd place.
A1 7-8: All Set to your Partner.

A2 1-8: 2nd Couple do the same.

B1 1-4: 1st Couple take hands and 1st Man put back your Partner and fall back into the 2nd place proper while the 2nd Woman does the same with the 2nd Man.
B1 5-8: 1st Couple lead up through the 2nd Couple and cast back down to the 2nd place.

B2 1-6: All go right and left 3 passes, beginning with your Neighbor.
B2 7-8: Turn your Partner halfway round.

Repeat down the line.

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