Windsor Castle

Ed. 9D-18 Triple Minor Longways
G Minor AABB adlib

A1 1-3: 1st Couple take hands and turn once around down the middle into the 2nd place, the 2nd Couple casting up at the same time.
A1 4-6: 2nd Couple turn down the middle, while the 1st Couple casts up at the same time.

A2 1-6: That again.

B1 1-3: 1st Couple cross over and go down behind the 2nd Couple.
B1 4-6: Then go half the Figure through the 2nd Couple into the 2nd place proper.

B2 1-3: Then lead down through the 3rd Couple.
B2 4-6: And cast up into the 2nd Couple’s place.

Repeat down the line.

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