Mansell, The

Ed. 11-18 Duple Minor Longways
G Major AABB adlib

Note: This dance is slower and not really in cut time.

A1 1-2: 1st Man Set to the 2nd Woman and Turn Single.
A1 3-4: Then turn the 2nd Woman once around.

A2 1-4: 1st Woman do the same to the 2nd Man.

B1 1-2: 1st Couple lead up a Double and back while the 2nd Couple leads down and back.
B1 3-6: Then right-and-left quite round.
B1 7-8: Clap once and 1st Couple cast off below the 2nd Couple.

B2 1-4: 1st Couple go the double Figure with the 2nd Couple, the 1st Couple crossing up through and going down behind each of the 2nd Couple, while the 2nd Couple casts up and follows them through the Figure.
B2 5-6: Clap once and 1st Couple lead up the middle.
B2 7-8: Then cast off into the 2nd Couple’s place.

Repeat down the line.

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