Ed. 1-8 2 Couples Facing
D Major 3 x AABB


A1 1-2: All go forward a Double and meet.
A1 3-4: Take your Opposite by both hands and go out sideways two slips then two slips back again.
A1 5-6: Change places with your Opposite.
A1 7-8: Then turn your Partner once and a half.

A2 1-4: Turn your Opposite once and a half around.
A2 5-8: Then turn your Partner once and a half, back to your original places.

B1 1-2: Men change places.
B1 3-4: Women change places.
B1 5-8: Set and Turn Single.

B2 1-2: Women change places.
B2 3-4: Men change places.
B2 5-8: Set and Turn Single.


A1 1-4: Lead your Opposite out a Double and fall back a Double.
A1 5-8: Turn your Partner.

A2 1-4: All fall back a Double and move forward a Double.
A2 5-8: Set and Turn Single.

B1 1-2: Men go four slips to the right behind your Partner while she goes four slips to the left in front of you.
B1 3-4: Men go four slips back in front of your Partner while the Women go four slips back behind.
B1 5-8: Turn your Opposite.

B2 1-8: The two Women go forward a Double and meet, then fall back while the two Men pass each other by right shoulders, go counter-clockwise around their Opposites, then pass each other by the left shoulders and go clockwise around their Partners, all ending in their Places.


A1 1-4: 1st Man take your Opposite by both hands, push her back, move right, and pull her back into your Partners’ places, while the 2nd Man does the same.
A1 5-8: Set and Turn Single.

A2 1-8: Repeat, moving back to the left.

B1 1-4: 1st Man cast off to your left, followed by your Partner, and go around back to your place, while the 2nd Woman does the same to her right.
B1 5-8: Then the 1st Woman and 2nd Man do the same, their Partners following.

B2 1-4: Pass your Opposite by the right shoulder, then your Partner by the left.
B2 5-8: Turn your Partner, then all four face up in a line, take hands, and bow.

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