Christchurch Bells in Oxon

Ed. 6A-18 Duple Minor Longways
C Major ABC adlib

Note: The timing of this dance does not allow for the Honouring and Leading forward and back. Those would have been done during the introduction.

Note #2: The music is a three-part round.

A 1-4: 1st Man turn right hands with the 2nd Woman once around.
A 5-8: Then left hands with his own once around.

B 1-4: 2nd Man turn left hands with the 1st Woman once around.
B 5-8: Then right hands with his own once around.

C 1-4: All four take hands and go once around.
C 5-6: Each Couple clap hands right and left.
C 7-8: 1st Couple cast off into the 2nd Couple’s place, while the 2nd Couple leads up.

Repeat down the line.

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