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Dance TitleYear First
A la Mode de France16511-18
Adson’s Saraband16511-8
Akeroyde’s Pad 170111-18
All in a Garden Green16511-8
Anna Maria16989B-18
Ape’s Dance, The16755-18
Apley House170211A-18
Arundel Street16959-18
Astrope Wells16887B-18
Aye Me16511-8
Barham Down170111-18
Barker’s Maggot170613-18
Barley-Mow, The16989C-18
Bath, The16511-8
Beautiful Scrabmagg, The170111-18
Beaux Delight, The170111-18
Beggar Boy, The16511-8
Betty’s Maggot16959-18
Beveridge’s Ground, Mr.16959-10
Beveridge’s Maggot, Mr.16959-18
Bishop of Bangor’s Jig, The170111-18
Black and Grey16867-18
Black Bess16969A-18
Black Jack16704-18
Black Nag16573-18
Black Nell170111-18
Bloomsbury Market170312-18
Blue Breeches16522-8
Blue Cap for Me16511-8
Blue Petticoats16704-10
Boatman, The16511-10
Bobbing Joe16511-18
Bonny Dundee16887B-18
Bonny Grey-Ey’d Morn, The16989B-18
Bore, The16796A-10
Bourrée la Bass16796A-18
Bouzer Castle16796A-18
Britains, The16969A-18
Broom: the Bonny, Bonny Broom16511-12
Buff Coat16704-18
Buford’s March170111-18
Bury Fair16969A-18
Captain’s Maggot16989B-18
Carpenter’s Maggot, The170111-18
Cary’s Maggot170111-18
Cast a Bell16511-18
Catch Club, The170111-18
Catching of Fleas16704-10
Catching of Quails16704-10
Cavylilly Man16704-18
Cheerily and Merrily16511-18
Chelsea Reach16573-8
Cheshire Alley170111-18
Cheshire Rounds170111-18
Chirping of the Lark, The16511-8
Chirping of the Nightingale16511-8
Christchurch Bells (in Oxon)16796A-18
Christmas Cheer170312-18
Cobbler’s Hornpipe, The170111-18
Cobbler’s Jig, The16796A-18
Cold and Raw #116897C-8, 17-18
Colonel’s Health, The170312-18
Cornish Squire, The16969A-9B
Coronation Day, The169810-18
Cottey House170211A-18
Count Tallard170613-18
Country Abigail16867-18
Country Coll, The16511-8
Country Farmer, The170211A-18
Crosby Square170111-18
Cuckolds All a Row16511-18
Cuckoo, The170312-18
Cupid’s Garden16887B-18
Czar of Muscovy170111-18
Dainty Davy170111-18
Daniel Cowper16959-18
De’il Take the Wars16989B-18
Devil’s Dream, The16573-18
Devonshire House169810-18
Dick’s Maggot170211A-18
Dissembling Love16511-8
Dr. Pope’s Jig16989D-18
Dragoon’s March16959-18
Draper’s Gardens170613-18
Draper’s Maggot170613-18
Drive the Cold Winter Away16511-18
Duchess, The16989D-18
Duke of Gloucester’s March, The170111-18
Duke of Lorrain’s March, The16573-18
Duke of Luxemburgh’s March16959-18
Duke of York’s Delight, The16796A-18
Dull Sir John16511-18
Dumps, The169810-18
Dunmore Kate16989B-18
Durham Stable16511-7
Eaglesfield’s New Hornpipe, Mr.16969A-18
Easter Eve170111-18
Easter Tuesday16959-18
Edinburgh Castle16989B-16
Ely Court170111-18
Ely Minster169810-18
Emperor of the Moon, The16908-18
Enfield Common170111-18
English Passepied, The170111-18
Epping Forest16704-8
Epsom Wells16969A-18
Essex Building16908-18
Europe’s Revels16989C-18
Excuse Me16867-18
Fain I Would16511-8
Fiddler’s Maggot170211A-18
Fiddler’s Morris, The170111-18
Fine Companion, The16511-8
Fit’s Come on Me Now, The16867-18
French Ambassador, The170111-18
French King’s Mistake, The170914-18
French Rigaudon, The16897C-18
Friar and the Nun, The16511-18
Friday Night170111-18
Frolic, The170111-18
From Aberdeen16989D-18
Fy, Nay, Prithee John170312-18
Garter, The16887B-18
Gathering Peascods16511-8
Gelding of the Devil16573-8
George’s Maggot170111-18
Geud Man of Ballangig, The (To a New Scotch Jigg)16969A-18
Gilford, The170111-18
Ginnie Pug16573-7
Glory of the West, The16511-7, 10-18
Golden Square170111-18
Gossip’s Frolic, The16573-18
Granny’s Delight170211A-18
Gray’s Inn Mask16511-10
Green Sleeves and Pudding Pies16867-18
Green Sleeves and Yellow Lace16867-18
Green Stockings16755-18
Greenwich Park16989C-18
Grenadier’s March16867-18
Gun Fleet, The172117-18
Gun, The16511-10
Half Hannikin16511-8
Hang Sorrow170211A-18
Happy Marriage, The16969A-18
Happy Meeting, The16969A-18
Happy Miller, The16969A-18
Hare’s Maggot, The170111-18
Have at Thy Coat, Old Woman16511-18
Health to Betty, A16511-18
Healths, The16511-8
Heart’s Ease16511-8
Hedge Lane16796A-18
Hemp-Dresser, The16511-18
Hey Boys, Up Go We16796A-18
Hey Ho My Honey16867-18
Hey to the Camp170111-16
Highlander’s March, The16573A-3B
Hill’s Maggot170111-18
Hit or Miss16511-18
Hobb’s Wedding16969A-18
Hockley in the Hole16511-10
Hole in the Wall, The16989B-18
Holyrood day16887B-18
Hunsdon House16573-18
Hunt the Squirrel170914-18
Huntington’s Maggot16959-18
Hyde Park16511-3
I Often for my Jenny Strove16908-18
If All the World Were Paper16511-10
Indian Queen, The16959-13
Irish Boree16969A-18
Irish Ground, The170111-18
Irish Lady, The16511-8
Irish Trot16511-18
Isaac’s Maggot, Mr.16959-18
Jack a Lent16511-8
Jack Pudding16511-8
Jack’s Farewell, The16989D-18
Jack’s Health16796A-18
Jack’s Maggot170211A-18
Jacob Hall’s Jig16959-18
Jenny Pluck Pears16511-8
Jenny, Come Tie my Cravat16877A-18
Joan Sanderson16867-18
Joan’s Placket169810-18
Jockey Was a Dowdy Lad170111-18
Jockey, The16887B-18
Jog on, my Honey16511-10
Johnny, Cock thy Beaver16867-18
Johnson’s Jig16959-18
Jolly Boy, The170211A-18
Jolly Breeze, The170111-18
Jovial Beggars, The170111-18
Juice of Barley, The16897C-18
Kemp’s Jig16511-18
Kensington Court16959-18
Kettle Drum16511-8
King of Poland, The169810-18
King’s Jig16796A-13
Knot, The16867-18
Ladies’ Conveniency, The170111-18
Ladies’ Delight, The16796A-8
Ladies’ Maggot, The170111-18
Ladies’ Misfortune, The170211A-18
Ladies of London16887B-18
Lady Banbury’s Hornpipe, The16573-8
Lady Cullen16511-18
Lady Day169810-18
Lady in the Dark16573-8
Lady Lie Near Me16511-8
Lady Murray’s Delight, The16704-8
Lady of Pleasure16887B-18
Lady Spellor16511-8
Lambeth Wells16989B-18
Lane’s Maggot, Mr.16959-18
Lane’s Minuet, Mr.16959-18
Lane’s Trumpet Minuet (to be danc’d with the Minuet Step), Mr.16969A-18
Last New French Rigaudon, The170111-13
Last New Rigadoon, The16959-18
Last New Vagaries, The170111-18
Lilli Burlero16908-18
Lincoln’s Inn170312-18
London’s Loyalty170613-18
Lord Chamberlain’s Delight, The16704-8
Lord Mayor’s Delight, The16989B-18
Lord of Carnarvon’s Jig16511-18
Lord Phoppington, The170111-18
Love for Love: Danc’d in the Play16969A-18
Love Lies a Bleeding16867-18
Love Neglected170914-18
Lull Me Beyond Thee16511-8
Lumps of Pudding170111-18
Mad Moll16989C-18
Mad Robin16959-18
Madge on a Tree172117-18
Mage on a Cree16511-16
Maid in the Mill, The169810-18
Maid in the Moon, The16704-8
Maid Peeped out of the Window, The16511-8
Maiden Fair16511-10
Maiden Lane16511-10
Maid’s Delight, The16887B-18
Maid’s Last Wish, The16959-18
Maid’s Morris16897C-18
Mall Peatly16704-10
Man Tiger, The170211A-18
Man Was for Woman Made16969A-18
Mansell, The170111-18
Marlborough, The170613-18
Marriage Hater, The16959-18
Mask, The16887B-16
May Fair170312-18
Mermaid, The16796A-18
Merry Milkmaids in Green, The172117-18
Merry, Merry Milkmaids, The16511-18
Milkmaid’s Bob, The16511-10
Miller’s Jig #116867-16
Miller’s Jig #2172117-18
Millison’s Jig16511-8
Mock Hobby Horse, The169810-18
Mock Match, The16989C-18
Moll Peatly (the New Way)170111-18
More the Merrier, The16969A-18
Mother Brown’s Cat170111-18
Mother Dobney’s Trencher172117-18
Moulson’s Jig16704-10
Mount Hills170111-18
Mug House, The169810-18
Mulberry Garden, The16704-10
My Lady Foster’s Delight170211A-18
My Lord Byron’s Delight16989C-18
My Lord Byron’s Maggot170111-18
Never Love Thee More16867-18
New Bath, The16867-18
New Bo-Peep16511-18
New Bore, The170111-18
New Bourrée, The16959-13
New Conceit, The16573-7
New Figary, The16704-7, 11-18
New Invention, The170111-18
New New Nothing16511-8
New Rigadoon, A16908-18
New Royal Exchange, The16573-18
New Whitehall170111-18
New Year’s Eve169810-18
News from Tripoly170211A-18
Night Piece, The16511-8
Nobe’s Maggot170312-18
Nobody’s Jig16796A-18
None such16989B-18
Northern Nancy16704-18
Nottingham Castle170111-18
O Mother, Roger16959-18
Oaken Leaves16704-8
Of Noble Race Was Shinkin16959-18
Old Abigal’s Delight170211A-18
Old Bachelor16959-18
Old Man Is a Bed Full of Bones, An16511-18
Old Mole, The16511-7
Old Noll’s Jig170211A-18
Old Simon the King16796A-18
Open the Door to Three16522-16
Oranges and Lemons16573-8
Ormond House170211A-18
Painted Chamber16887B-18
Parson’s Farewell16511-8
Parsons upon Dorothy16796A-18
Paspe, A16908-18
Paul’s Steeple16511-10
Paul’s Wharf16511-3
Pell Mell16867-18
Pepper’s Black16511-8
Petticoat Wag16511-10
Phoenix, The16704-10
Picking of Sticks16511-10
Pilgrim, The170111-18
Pool’s Hole16908-18
Pope Joan16959-18
Pretty Miss16908-18
Prince George16867-18
Prince Rupert’s March16511, 4-18
Princess, The170111-18
Princess’s Court, The170211A-18
Puddings and Pies169810-18
Punch Bowl, The170111-18
Punk’s Delight (the New Way), The16511-18
Purlongs, The16969A-18
Put on Thy Smock a Monday16704-8
Putney Ferry16704-8
Pye Corner16959-10
Queen’s Birthday, The170312-18
Queen’s Delight, The170613-18
Queen’s Head, The170211A-18
Queen’s Jig, The170111-18
Red Bull, The169810-18
Red House16959-18
Reeve’s Maggot170111-18
Rockingham Castle16959-18
Roger of Coverly16959-18
Rose Is White and Rose Is Red16511-8
Round O170312-18
Round, The170111-18
Row Well, Ye Mariners16511-18
Royal Navy, The170312-18
Rub Her Down with Straw170111-18
Rufty Tufty16511
Rummer, The16867-18
Russel, The170613-18
Sage Leaf16704-18
Sailor’s Delight16989D-18
Sancho Pancho16959-18
Saraband, The16511-7
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning16511-18
Sawney Was Tall16796-18
Scotch Air170312-18
Scotch Cap16511-10
Sellenger’s Round16573-8
Serag’s Hornpipe, The172117-18
Sham Doctor, The16989C-18
Shepherd’s Daughter, The16702-8
Shepherds’ Holiday16511-10
Shore’s Trumpet Tune16989C-18
Short’s Garden16867-18
Siege of Buda16897C-18
Siege of Limerick, The16959-18
Silver Faulken, The16522
Simple Simon16573-10
Singleton’s Slip16704-18
Sion House16867-18
Slip, The16511-18
Smith’s Rant16573-18
Soldier and the Sailor, The16969A-18
Soldier’s Life, A16511-18
Solomon’s Jig16522-10
Spaniard, The16511-3
Spanish Gypsy, The16511-18
Spanish Jig16959-18
Spring Garden16573-18
St. Albans170111-18
St. Catherine170111-18
St. Martin16511-7
St. Martin’s Lane16969A-18
Staggins’s Jig16796A-18
Stanes Morris16511-3
Step Stately16511-10
Sweet Kate16704-18
Sword Dance, The170211A-13
Take Not a Woman’s Anger Ill (for if One Won’t, Another Will)16969A-18
Taylor’s Trip170111-18
Temple Change16989C-18
Temple, The170111-18
Ten Pound Lass #116704-16
Ten Pound Lass #2172117-18
Thomas You Cannot16704-7
Three Sheep Skins169810-18
Tom Tinker16511-10
Touch and Go170111-18
Touch and Take16522-3
Trip to Bury, A170211A-18
Trip to St. John’s Court, A170914-18
Trip to the Jubilee, as ’tis Danc’d at the Playhouse, The16989B-16
Tunbridge Walks170312-18
Twas within a Furlong of Edinburgh Town16969A-18
Twelfth Eve170211A-18
Twenty-Ninth of May, The16867-18
Twins, The16573-13
Tyger, The170111-18
Tythe Pig16959-10
Under and Over16522-18
Under the Greenwood Tree16796A-18
Up Tails All16511-8
Up with Aily170312-18
Upon a Summer’s Day16511-8
Valentine’s Day16796A-18
Valiant Jockey16959-18
Virgin Queen, The170211A-18
Wa Is Me, What Mun I Do!16969A-12
Wallingford House16704-18
Waltham Abbey16989C-18
Watton Town’s End16573-18
Welcome Home, Old Rowley16908-18
Well Hall16796A-18
Well’s Humour170111-18
Westminster Hall16989C-18
What You Please16573-18
Whely House170211A-18
Whim, The16959-18
Whirligig, The16511-7
Whitehall Minuet170111-18
Whitney’s Farewell16959-18
Wimbleton House170111-18
Winchester Wedding16796A-18
Windsor Castle16989D-18
Wish, The16511-8
Witches, The16755-18
Wolverton Hall16867-18
Wooden Shoes170312-18
Woolly and Georgey170111-18
Young Jemmy16867-18
Young Sir Solomon16989B
Young’s Delight, Mr.16969A-18