Standardized Titles 2&3

When dances have been published with more than one title, but with the same tune and dance steps, it is expedient to select one title for standardization and alphabetizing. Spelling variations are not included as an alternate title.

Alternate TitleStandard Title
Assembly, TheMerry Conclusion, The
BarksheirAlbion’s Queen
BavaniaRover Reform’d, The
Beadle of Grub Street, TheBugbee’s Hole
Birkhead’s MasqueJack of the Green
Boatswain William’s DelightFoot Guard’s March, The
British Hero, TheBritish Toper, The
Damsel’s Delight, TheNewcastle Racer, The
Dearest and FairestBeau’s Retreat, The
Don BoinNew Roger
Duke of Rutland’s Delight, TheCollier’s Daughter, The
Easter Tuesday #2White Heart Cabbages
Elverton GroveTrip to the Camp, A
ErminaLovely Bride, The
Europa, TheEver Pleasant
Fibea deFiddle-de-dee
FlaviusFly Boat
Gray’s InnGreen Goose Fair
GriseldaJockey Rejected
Jockey and JennyFlora’s Vagaries
Kingston HoySylvia’s Serenade
Happy Clown, TheWallpoole
Hopping Lady, TheRinaldo
Hoxton SquareHogsdon Square
KillurankTrip to Blenheim, A
Kitt CucumberTaylor’s Hop, The
London SpyAudenard Battle
Love in a Hop Yard #2Love and Honour
Mad Frolic, TheFurbelows and Apricocks
Maiden’s Blush, TheBump Her Belly
Martin’s AdviceThis Great World’s but a Trouble
Mouse Trap, TheOld Hob
New YorkKing’s Maggot
Number ThreeThree Coney Walk
Old OxfordPeace and Plenty
OldernessSomerset House
OrangsebeOxford Act
Orlabear’s MaggotShort and Sweet
Oudenard BattleAudenard Battle
Parson in the PeasWhitsun Holidays
PasquinDorinda’s Tea Table
Poor Robin’s MaggotWou’d You Have a Young Virgin
Pretender’s Trip, TheSunday in the Afternoon
Room for BeautiesOswestry Wake
SabinaMademoiselle Dupingle
Sabina and StrephonDudmason Hall
Saturday Night’s RambleFort Mounjoy
Sheep Shearers, TheNext Oars
St. Mary’s PortVigo
Stepney Cakes and AleBunter’s Delight, The
StrumSword Dance, The
Temple BarrMasquerade Royal
Tenth of June, TheFrisky Jenny
Thyrsis and CloeMeasure for Measure
Tom TrustyTumas I Cannot
Tumbler, ThePhoenix, The
Tub Dance, TheDiogenis
UraniaLaughing Vicar, The
Wedding, TheHighlander’s Wedding, The
White Chapel MountOf All Comforts
Wing’s MaggotHay-Makers Dance in Faustus, The
Wright’s WisdomBritish Toper, The
XerxesStock Jobbers
ZealandNoint the Teazer