Figure Eight

dancers weave around other dancers in a Figure Eight style

Anna Maria
Arundel Street
Barham Down
Barker’s Maggot
Beaux Delight, The
Black Nell
Bonny Grey-Ey’d Morn, The
Bourrée la Bass
Bouzer Castle
Buford’s March
Cary’s Maggot
Cavylilly Man
Cheshire Alley
Cobbler’s Hornpipe, The
Colonel’s Health, The
Cornish Squire, The
Cottey House
Count Tallard
Cuckoo, The
Cupid’s Garden
Dainty Davy
De’il Take the Wars
Dr. Pope’s Jig
Duke of Luxemburgh’s March
Easter Eve
English Pasby, The
Epsom Wells
Europe’s Revels
Excuse Me
Fiddler’s Maggot
Fiddler’s Morris, The
French Ambassador, The
Friday Night
Frolic, The
Garter, The
Gilford, The
Green Sleeves and Pudding Pies
Green Sleeves and Yellow Lace
Grenadier’s March
Gun Fleet, The
Hang Sorrow
Happy Marriage, The
Happy Meeting, The
Hare’s Maggot, The
Have at Thy Coat, Old Woman
Hill’s Maggot
Hunt the Squirrel
I Often for my Jenny Strove
Jack’s Farewell, The
Jockey Was a Dowdy Lad
Jockey, The
Johnny, Cock thy Beaver
Jolly Boy, The
Jolly Breeze, The
Juice of Barley, The
Kensington Court
King of Poland, The
Knot, The
Ladies’ Delight, The
Lady of Pleasure
Lane’s Minuet
Last New Rigadoon, The
London’s Loyalty
Lord Phoppington, The
Lumps of Pudding
Mad Moll
Maid’s Morris
Man Tiger, The
Mansell, The
Marlborough, The
Mermaid, The
Miller’s Jig #2
Mock Match, The
More the Merrier, The
Mother Dobney’s Trencher
Mount Hills
Mug House, The
My Lord Byron’s Delight
Never Love Thee More
New Bore, The
New Bourrée, The
New Rigadoon, A
New Whitehall
New Year’s Eve
News from Tripoli
None Such
O Mother, Roger
Old Noll’s Jig
Paspe, A
Pilgrim, The
Pool’s Hole #1
Pope Joan
Princess’s Court, The
Queen’s Birthday, The
Reeve’s Maggot
Rockingham Castle
Sailor’s Delight
Sancho Pancho
Sawney Was Tall
Scotch Air
Sham Doctor, The
Shore’s Trumpet Tune
Soldier and the Sailor, The
Spanish Jig
St. Albans
St. Martin’s Lane
Sword Dance, The
Temple, The
Three Sheep Skins
Touch and Go
Twelfth Eve
Valiant Jockey
Virgin Queen, The
Waltham Abbey
Welcome Home, Old Rowley
Westminster Hall
What You Please
Whely House
Whirligig, The
Wimbleton House
Windsor Castle
Wish, The
Young Jemmy #2