Standardized Titles

When dances have been published with more than one title, but with the same tune and dance steps, it is expedient to select one title for standardization and alphabetizing. Spelling variations are not included as an alternate title.

Alternate TitleStandard Title
Aniseed Water RobinIrish Lady, The
(A)sparagus Garden, TheNew Conceit, The
Bartholomew FairWhim, The
Beginning of the World, TheSellenger’s Round
Bishop of Chester’s Jig, TheFit’s Come on Me Now, The
Buckingham HouseChelsea Reach
Cold and RawJuice of Barley, The
Confesse (His Tune)Confess
Cookow, TheCuckoo, The
Country Farmer’s Daughter, ThePainted Chamber
Court Lady, TheConfess
Cushion Dance, TheJoan Sanderson
Devonshire LassScotch Air
Don PedroSkellamefago
Dour’s CatastropheLove Lies a Bleeding
Dove’s CatastropheLove Lies a Bleeding
Dove’s VagaryChestnut
Edinburgh Castle (Edenborough Castle)Mother Dobney’s Trencher
English Passepied, TheEnglish Pasby, The
Flying Horse, ThePegasus
Four Pence Half-Penny FarthingJockey, The
Friar in the Well, TheMaid Peeped out of the Window, The
Galloping Nag, TheBlack Nag
Garland, TheUpon a Summer’s Day
Green GartersBlue Petticoats
Green Goose FairSolomon’s Jig
Green Man, TheWoodycock
Grief a la ModeMay Fair
Hit and MisseHit or Miss
Hobb’s Wedding: A Kissing Dance in The Country Wake Hobb’s Wedding
Huddle-DuddleSimple Simon
Huntsman, TheGreenwood
I Loved Thee Once, I Love No MoreBlue Breeches
I’ll Love No MoreBlue Breeches
Intrigues of the Town, TheMarriage Hater, The
King James’s MarchGarter, The
King’s Jig, TheHey Boys, Up Go We
Labour in VainShepherds’ Holiday
My Lady CullenLady Cullen
Last New FiggariesLast New Vagaries, The
Lawyers Leave Your PleadingLove Lies a Bleeding
Leathern ApronUnder the Greenwood Tree
London Gentlewoman, TheHemp-Dresser, The
London Maid, TheHemp-Dresser, The
Lord Phoppington, ThePilgrim, The
Lost Heart, TheDissembling Love
Mad TomGray’s Inn Mask
Mage on a TreeMage on a Cree
MaheneyHey Ho my Honey
Margery CreeMadge on a Tree
May HillTwenty-Ninth of May, The
Merry AndrewJack Pudding
Merry ConceitNew Conceit, The
Merry Wassail, TheHealths, The
Moulson’s JigMotson’s Jig
Never Love Me MoreNever Love Thee More
New Exchange, TheDurham Stable
New Vagary, TheNew Figary, The
New Lord Phoppington, TheLord Phoppington, The
New New Exchange, TheNew Royal Exchange, The
New Round O, TheRound O
Nowill HillsLove Neglected
Oh! How They Frisk It!Under the Greenwood Tree
Oil of Barley, TheStingo
Old MarrinetMoll Peatly (the New Way)
Old Rigaudon, TheNew Rigadoon, A
Once I Loved a Maiden FairMaiden Fair
Opera, TheApe’s Dance, The
Parson upon DorothyShepherd’s Daughter, The
PartheniaJovial Beggars, The
Passionate Lover(s), TheLavena
PiccadillyNew Bo-Peep
Pope’s Jig, TheDr. Pope’s Jig
Private Wedding, TheBuford’s March
Quaker’s Grace, TheResolution
Rake’s Delight, TheQueen’s Delight, The
Richmond BallLane’s Maggot, Mr.
RigaudonFrench Rigaudon, The
RigaudonLast New Rigadoon, The
Sawney and JockeySawney Was Tall
Sedany, TheDargason
Shaking of the Sheets, TheNight Piece, The
Shepherdess, TheDaphne
Sir Nicholas CulleyCountry Coll, The
Sir RogerSlip, The
Smith’s New RantSmith’s Rant
St. Paul’s SteeplePaul’s Steeple
Strawberries and CreamGinnie Pug
Summer’s Day, AUpon a Summer’s Day
Sweet WilliamBore, The
Symphony, TheAye Me
Tailor’s Daughter, ThePetticoat Wag
Trip to the Jubilee, as ’tis Danc’d at the Play-House, TheEdinburgh Castle
Turnham GreenWitches, The
Valiant Captain, TheGun, The
Webb’s Fancy, Mr.Cheerily and Merrily
Wedding Night, TheArgeers
Winifred’s KnotOpen the Door to Three