going around a circle, changing places using right hands, then left hands, etc.

Barker’s Maggot
Barley-Mow, The
Beaux Delight, The
Bishop of Bangor’s Jig, The
Black Bess
Buford’s March
Carpenter’s Maggot, The
Chelsea Reach
Cheshire Rounds
Colonel’s Health, The
Count Tallard
Country Farmer, The
Crosby Square
Devonshire House
Dick’s Maggot
Dr. Pope’s Jig
Draper’s Gardens
Draper’s Maggot
Duke of Lorrain’s March, The
Easter Eve
Easter Tuesday
Ely Minster
Enfield Common
English Pasby, The
Fiddler’s Maggot
Fiddler’s Morris, The
French King’s Mistake, The
Ginnie Pug
Granny’s Delight
Hang Sorrow
Happy Meeting, The
Hare’s Maggot, The
Hey to the Camp
Hill’s Maggot
Hobb’s Wedding
Holyrood Day
Hunsdon House
Hunt the Squirrel
Huntington’s Maggot
If All the World Were Paper
Indian Queen, The
Jack’s Health
Jockey Was a Dowdy Lad
Kensington Court
King of Poland, The
Ladies’ Conveniency, The
Ladies’ Maggot, The
Lady Day
Lady in the Dark
Lambeth Wells
Lilli Burlero
Lincoln’s Inn
Love for Love: Danc’d in the Play
Love Neglected
Maid in the Mill, The
Maid’s Last Wish, The
Mansell, The
May Fair
Mock Match, The
Mother Brown’s Cat
Mother Dobney’s Trencher
Motson’s Jig
Mount Hills
My Lady Foster’s Delight
My Lord Byron’s Delight
New Invention, The
Nobe’s Maggot
Pilgrim, The
Pool’s Hole #1
Pool’s Hole #2
Pretty Miss
Princess, The #1
Princess, The #2
Princess’s Court, The
Purlongs, The
Queen’s Delight, The
Queen’s Head, The
Reeve’s Maggot
Round, The
Royal Navy, The
Rub Her Down with Straw
Russel, The
Serag’s Hornpipe, The
Siege of Limerick, The
St. Catherine
Taylor’s Trip
Trip to St. John’s Court, A
Tunbridge Walks
Tyger, The
Wa Is Me, What Mun I Do?
Welcome Home, Old Rowley
Well’s Humour
Whim, The
Witches, The
Wooden Shoes
Young Jemmy #2