Turn One-Hand

turning around with another dancer while holding one hand

Ape’s Dance, The
Astrope Wells
Beautiful Scrabmagg, The
Betty’s Maggot
Beveridge’s Maggot, Mr.
Black and Grey
Bloomsbury Market
Blue Breeches
Bore, The
Bouzer Castle
Cary’s Maggot
Cast a Bell
Catching of Fleas
Catching of Quails
Chelsea Reach
Christchurch Bells (in Oxon)
Cobbler’s Hornpipe, The
Cuckoo, The
Daniel Cowper
Dull Sir John
Enfield Common
French Ambassador, The
Green Stockings
Half Hannikin
Heart’s Ease
Hedge Lane
Hobb’s Wedding
Huntington’s Maggot
Irish Lady, The
Irish Trot
Isaac’s Maggot, Mr.
Jacob Hall’s Jig
Johnny, Cock thy Beaver
Johnson’s Jig
Kettle Drum
Lady in the Dark
Lane’s Maggot, Mr.
Lane’s Trumpet Minuet (to be danc’d with the Minuet Step), Mr.
Love for Love: Danc’d in the Play
Mad Robin
Madge on a Tree
Mermaid, The
Milkmaid’s Bob, The
Moll Peatly (the New Way)
My Lord Byron’s Delight
New Bath, The
New Conceit, The
New Invention, The
New Rigadoon, A
New Royal Exchange, The
News from Tripoli
Nottingham Castle
Old Bachelor
Old Simon the King
Oranges and Lemons
Parsons upon Dorothy
Parson’s Farewell
Puddings and Pies
Punk’s Delight (the New Way), The
Queen’s Birthday, The
Red Bull, The
Royal Navy, The
Sage Leaf
Shore’s Trumpet Tune
Soldier and the Sailor, The
Soldier’s Life, A
St. Catherine
St. Martin
Step Stately
Take Not a Woman’s Anger Ill (for if One Won’t, Another Will)
Touch and Go
Trip to Bury, A
Under the Greenwood Tree
What You Please
Whitney’s Farewell
Winchester Wedding
Young Jemmy #1