Double Up & Back or Left & Right

a Double forwards and back in any direction

A la Mode de France
Adson’s Saraband
All in a Garden Green
Apley House
Aye Me
Bath, The
Beautiful Scrabmagg, The
Beggar Boy, The
Black Jack
Black Nag
Black Nell
Blue Breeches
Blue Cap for Me
Blue Petticoats
Boatman, The
Bobbing Joe
Bonny Dundee
Bore, The
Broom: the Bonny, Bonny Broom
Buff Coat
Captain’s Maggot
Cast a Bell
Catch Club, The
Catching of Fleas
Catching of Quails
Cavylilly Man
Cheerily and Merrily
Chelsea Reach
Chirping of the Lark, The
Chirping of the Nightingale
Confess (His Tune)
Country Abigail
Country Coll, The
Cuckolds All a Row
Devil’s Dream, The
Devonshire House
Dissembling Love
Drive the Cold Winter Away
Duke of Lorrain’s March, The
Duke of York’s Delight, The
Dumps, The
Durham Stable
Epping Forest
Essex Building
Fain I Would
Fine Companion, The
French Rigaudon, The
Gathering Peascods
Gelding of the Devil
Ginnie Pug
Glory of the West, The
Gossip’s Frolic, The
Gray’s Inn Mask
Greenwich Park
Gun, The
Half Hannikin
Have at Thy Coat, Old Woman
Health to Betty, A
Healths, The
Heart’s Ease
Hemp-Dresser, The
Highlander’s March, The
Hit or Miss
Hockley in the Hole
Huntington’s Maggot
Hyde Park
If All the World Were Paper
Irish Lady, The
Irish Trot
Jack a Lent
Jack Pudding
Jacob Hall’s Jig
Jenny Pluck Pears
Jog on, my Honey
Jovial Beggars, The
Kemp’s Jig
Kensington Court
Kettle Drum
King’s Jig
Ladies’ Conveniency, The
Ladies’ Delight, The
Lady Banbury’s Hornpipe, The
Lady Cullen
Lady Lie Near Me
Lady Murray’s Delight, The
Lady Spellor
London’s Loyalty
Lord Chamberlain’s Delight, The
Lord of Carnarvon’s Jig
Love Neglected
Lull Me Beyond Thee
Madge on a Tree
Mage on a Cree
Maid in the Moon, The
Maid Peeped out of the Window, The
Maiden Fair
Maiden Lane
Mall Peatly
Mansell, The
Merry Milkmaids in Green, The
Merry, Merry Milkmaids, The
Milkmaid’s Bob, The
Millison’s Jig
Motson’s Jig
Mulberry Garden
My Lord Byron’s Delight
New Bo-Peep
New Figary, The
New New Nothing
New Royal Exchange, The
Night Piece, The
Nobody’s Jig
Oaken Leaves
Old Man Is a Bed Full of Bones, An
Old Mole, The
Open the Door to Three
Oranges and Lemons
Parson’s Farewell
Paul’s Steeple
Paul’s Wharf
Pepper’s Black
Petticoat Wag
Phoenix, The
Picking of Sticks
Punk’s Delight (the New Way), The
Put on Thy Smock a Monday
Putney Ferry
Rose Is White and Rose Is Red
Row Well, Ye Mariners
Rufty Tufty
Sage Leaf
Saraband, The
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Scotch Cap
Sellenger’s Round
Shepherd’s Daughter, The
Shepherds’ Holiday
Silver Faulken, The
Simple Simon
Singleton’s Slip
Smith’s Rant
Soldier’s Life, A
Solomon’s Jig
Spaniard, The
Spanish Gypsy, The
Spring Garden
St. Albans
Stanes Morris
Step Stately
Sweet Kate
Take Not a Woman’s Anger Ill (for if One Won’t, Another Will)
Ten Pound Lass #1
Thomas You Cannot
Tom Tinker
Touch and Take
Twins, The
Under and Over
Up Tails All
Up with Aily
Upon a Summer’s Day
Valentine’s Day
Wallingford House
Watton Town’s End
What You Please
Whely House
Whirligig, The
Wish, The
Young’s Delight, Mr.