Cast Off

turning around and going outside and behind one or more people

Anna Maria
Ape’s Dance, The
Apley House
Arundel Street
Astrope Wells
Aye Me
Barham Down
Barker’s Maggot
Barley-Mow, The
Beautiful Scrabmagg, The
Beaux Delight, The
Betty’s Maggot
Beveridge’s Ground, Mr.
Beveridge’s Maggot, Mr.
Bishop of Bangor’s Jig, The
Black and Grey
Black Bess
Black Jack
Black Nell
Bloomsbury Market
Bobbing Joe
Bonny Grey-Ey’d Morn, The
Bore, The
Bourrée la Bass
Bouzer Castle
Britains, The
Broom: the Bonny, Bonny Broom
Buff Coat
Buford’s March
Bury Fair
Captain’s Maggot
Carpenter’s Maggot, The
Cary’s Maggot
Catch Club, The
Catching of Fleas
Cavylilly Man
Cheshire Alley
Cheshire Rounds
Christchurch Bells (in Oxon)
Christmas Cheer
Cobbler’s Hornpipe, The
Colonel’s Health, The
Coronation Day, The
Cottey House
Count Tallard
Country Abigail
Country Farmer, The
Crosby Square
Cuckolds All a Row
Cupid’s Garden
Czar of Muscovy
Daniel Cowper
De’il Take the Wars
Devonshire House
Dick’s Maggot
Dr. Pope’s Jig
Dragoon’s March
Draper’s Gardens
Draper’s Maggot
Duchess, The
Duke of Gloucester’s March, The
Duke of Lorrain’s March, The
Duke of Luxemburgh’s March
Duke of York’s Delight, The
Dull Sir John
Dunmore Kate
Eaglesfield’s New Hornpipe, Mr.
Easter Eve
Easter Tuesday
Edinburgh Castle
Ely Court
Emperor of the Moon, The
English Pasby, The
Epsom Wells
Essex Building
Excuse Me
Fain I Would
Fiddler’s Maggot
Fiddler’s Morris, The
Fit’s Come on Me Now, The
French Ambassador, The
French King’s Mistake, The
French Rigaudon, The
Friday Night
Frolic, The
From Aberdeen
Fy, Nay, Prithee John
Gelding of the Devil
George’s Maggot
Geud Man of Ballangigh, The
Gilford, The
Ginnie Pug
Glory of the West, The
Golden Square
Gossip’s Frolic, The
Green Sleeves and Pudding Pies
Green Sleeves and Yellow Lace
Greenwich Park
Grenadier’s March
Gun Fleet, The
Hang Sorrow
Happy Marriage, The
Happy Meeting, The
Happy Miller, The
Hare’s Maggot, The
Healths, The
Hedge Lane
Hey Boys, Up Go We
Hey Ho My Honey
Hey to the Camp
Highlander’s March, The
Hill’s Maggot
Hobb’s Wedding
Hole in the Wall, The
Holyrood Day
Hunt the Squirrel
Huntington’s Maggot
Hyde Park
I Often for my Jenny Strove
If All the World Were Paper
Irish Boree
Irish Ground, The
Irish Lady, The
Irish Trot
Isaac’s Maggot, Mr.
Jack Pudding
Jack’s Maggot
Jacob Hall’s Jig
Jenny, Come Tie my Cravat
Jockey Was a Dowdy Lad
Jog on, my Honey
Johnny, Cock thy Beaver
Johnson’s Jig
Jolly Boy, The
Jolly Breeze, The
Jovial Beggars, The
Kensington Court
King of Poland, The
Knot, The
Ladies’ Conveniency, The
Ladies’ Delight, The
Ladies’ Maggot, The
Ladies’ Misfortune, The
Lady Banbury’s Hornpipe, The
Lady Cullen
Lady Day
Lady of Pleasure
Lambeth Wells
Lane’s Maggot, Mr.
Lane’s Minuet
Last New French Rigaudon, The
Last New Rigadoon, The
Last New Vagaries, The
Lilli Burlero
Lincoln’s Inn
London’s Loyalty
Lord Chamberlain’s Delight, The
Lord Mayor’s Delight, The
Lord of Carnarvan’s Jig
Lord Phoppington, The
Love for Love: Danc’d in the Play
Love Lies a Bleeding
Lumps of Pudding
Mad Robin
Madge on a Tree
Maid in the Mill, The
Maid Peeped out of the Window, The
Maiden Fair
Maid’s Delight, The
Maid’s Last Wish, The
Mall Peatly
Man Tiger, The
Man Was for Woman Made
Mansell, The
Marlborough, The
Marriage Hater, The
Mask, The
May Fair
Mermaid, The
Merry, Merry Milkmaids, The
Merry Milkmaids in Green, The
Miller’s Jig #1
Miller’s Jig #2
Mock Hobby Horse, The
Mock Match, The
More the Merrier, The
Mother Brown’s Cat
Mug House, The
Mulberry Garden
My Lady Foster’s Delight
My Lord Byron’s Delight
My Lord Byron’s Maggot
New Bourrée, The
New Conceit, The
New Figary, The
New Rigadoon, A
New Year’s Eve
News from Tripoli
Nobe’s Maggot
Nobody’s Jig
None Such
Northern Nancy
Nottingham Castle
O Mother, Roger
Of Noble Race Was Shinkin
Old Abigal’s Delight
Old Mole, The
Old Noll’s Jig
Old Simon the King
Painted Chamber
Paspe, A
Paul’s Steeple
Paul’s Wharf
Phoenix, The
Pool’s Hole #1
Pool’s Hole #2
Pope Joan
Pretty Miss
Prince Rupert’s March
Princess, The #1
Princess, The #2
Princess’s Court, The
Punch Bowl, The
Punk’s Delight (the New Way), The
Pye Corner
Queen’s Delight, The
Queen’s Head, The
Red Bull, The
Red House
Reeve’s Maggot
Rockingham Castle
Roger of Coverly
Round O
Rummer, The
Russel, The
Sancho Pancho
Saraband, The
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Scotch Air
Sham Doctor, The
Shepherds’ Holiday
Short’s Garden
Siege of Buda
Siege of Limerick, The
Simple Simon
Singleton’s Slip
Sion House
Soldier and the Sailor, The
Solomon’s Jig
Spanish Jig
Spring Garden
St. Martin
St. Martin’s Lane
Staggins’s Jig, Mr.
Step Stately
Sword Dance, The
Taylor’s Trip
Temple, The
Temple Change, The
Ten Pound Lass #2
Tom Tinker
Trip to St. John’s Court, A
Trip to the Jubilee, as ’tis Danc’d at the Playhouse, The
Tunbridge Walks
Twas within a Furlong of Edinburgh Town
Twelfth Eve
Twenty-Ninth of May, The
Tyger, The
Tythe Pig
Up Tails All
Up with Aily
Valiant Jockey
Virgin Queen, The
Wa Is Me, What Mun I Do?
Wallingford House
Waltham Abbey
Watton Town’s End
Well’s Humour
Whely House
Whirligig, The
Whitehall Minuet
Whitney’s Farewell
Wimbleton House
Winchester Wedding
Windsor Castle
Wish, The
Witches, The
Wolverton Hall
Woolly and Georgey
Young Jemmy #1
Young Jemmy #2
Young Sir Solomon