Dance Complexity

Dance steps or figures affect the complexity of the dance. The more involved the steps or the greater variety of different activities included in the dance, the harder the dance can be to learn. This index sorts the dance by quantities of different steps or figures. (Examples: casting off, turn single, or hey)

Dances with 2 Different Figures

JamaicaJoan SandersonSage Leaf

Dances with 3 Different Figures

AmericaArundel StreetBlack and Grey
Bonny Grey-Ey’d Morn, TheCheshire AlleyChirping of the Nightingale
Dumps, TheGolden SquareHalf Hannikin
Last New French Rigaudon, TheLove NeglectedMay Fair
Mock Hobby Horse, TheMoll Peatly (the New Way)New Bourrée, The
New WhitehallPuddings and PiesQueen’s Head, The
Russel, TheStaggins’s Jig, Mr.Ten Pound Lass #2
Three Sheep SkinsValiant JockeyWestmorland

Dances with 4 Different Figures

Bourrée la BassCaptain’s MaggotCheshire Rounds
ChildgroveChristchurch Bells (in Oxon)Cobbler’s Jig, The
Country Farmer, TheCrosby SquareDainty Davy
Daniel CowperDraper’s MaggotDuchess, The
Duke of York’s Delight, TheDunmore KateEaster Tuesday
Edinburgh CastleEly MinsterFit’s Come on Me Now, The
From AberdeenGilford, TheGreen Stockings
Happy Marriage, TheHappy Miller, TheHey Ho, My Honey
Hole in the WallIanthaIrish Boree
Jack’s HealthJoan’s PlacketJohnson’s Jig
Kemp’s JigLane’s Maggot, Mr.Lincoln
Love Lies a BleedingLumps of PuddingMad Robin
Maid in the Mill, TheOld Abigal’s DelightPainted Chamber
Parson upon DorothyPortsmouthPrince Rupert’s March
Queen’s Birthday, TheQueen’s Delight, TheRed Bull, The
Red HouseRoger of CoverlyScotland
Shore’s Trumpet TuneSiege of Limerick, TheSlip, The
Temple Change, TheTouch and GoTouch and Take
Under the Greenwood TreeVirgin Queen, TheWhim, The
Whitehall Minuet

Dances with 5 Different Figures

Anna MariaAstrope Wells Barham Down
Barker’s Maggot Black BessBloomsbury Market
Bonny DundeeBritains, TheBury Fair
BuskinCavylilly ManColonel’s Health, The
Coronation DayCuckoo, TheDargason
De’il Take the WarsDick’s MaggotDragoon’s March
Drive the Cold Winter AwayDuke of Luxemburgh’s MarchEly Court
Europe’s RevelsFriar and the Nun, TheFriday Night
Fy, Nay, Prithee JohnGarter, TheGelding of the Devil
Greenwich ParkGun Fleet, TheHaphazard
Happy Meeting, TheHare’s Maggot, TheHeart’s Ease
Hedge LaneHemp Dresser, TheHey Boys, Up Go We
Hey to the CampHit or MissHockley in the Hole
Jack’s MaggotJolly Boy, TheJolly Breeze, The
Jovial Beggars, TheJuice of Barley, TheKing of Poland, The
King’s JigLadies’ Delight, TheLadies of London
Lane’s Trumpet Minuet, Mr.Lord Phoppington, TheMad Moll
Maid’s Delight, TheMan Was for Woman MadeMock Match, The
Mount HillsMy Lord Byron’s MaggotNever Love Thee More
New Bath, TheNew New NothingNorthern Nancy
Nottingham CastleO Mother, RogerOrmond House
Pool’s Hole #1Punch Bowl, ThePye Corner
Reeve’s MaggotResolutionRockingham Castle
Round, TheRummer, TheSancho Pancho
Scotch AirSellenger’s RoundShort’s Garden
Siege of BudaSingleton’s SlipSt. Catherine
Thomas You CannotTwelfth EveTyger, The
ViennaWaltham AbbeyWell Hall
Westminster HallWhitney’s FarewellWindsor Castle
Wolverton HallYoung Sir Solomon

Dances with 6 Different Figures

Akeroyde’s PadArcadiaBeautiful Scrabmagg, The
Betty’s MaggotBeveridge’s Ground, Mr.Bishop of Bangor’s Jig, The
BlackheathBuford’s MarchCarpenter’s Maggot, The
Cary’s MaggotChirping of the Lark, TheCobbler’s Hornpipe, The
CockleshellsCountry AbigailCzar of Muscovy
DaphneDr. Pope’s JigDuke of Gloucester’s March, The
DunkirkEaglesfield’s New Hornpipe, Mr.Emperor of the Moon, The
Enfield CommonEnglish Pasby, TheEpsom Wells
Fiddler’s MaggotFrench Ambassador, TheFrench King’s Mistake, The
Frolic, TheGeorge’s MaggotGeud Man of Ballangigh, The
GoddessesGreen Sleeves and Yellow LaceGrenadier’s March
Hill’s MaggotHolyrood DayHunsdon House
I Often for my Jenny StroveIsaac’s Maggot, Mr.Jacob Hall’s Jig
Jenny, Come Tie my CravatJockey, TheJohnny, Cock Thy Beaver
Kensington CourtKnot, TheLadies’ Maggot, The
Lady DayLady Murray’s Delight, TheLady of Pleasure
Lambeth WellsLane’s Minuet, Mr.Last New Rigadoon, The
Last New Vagaries, TheLincoln’s InnLord Mayor’s Delight, The
Lord of Carnarvon’s JigMadge on a TreeMaid in the Moon, The
Maid’s MorrisMall PeatlyMarlborough, The
Marriage Hater, TheMiller’s Jig #1Mill-Field
Millison’s JigMore the Merrier, TheMother Dobney’s Trencher
Mug House, TheMulberry GardenMy Lady Foster’s Delight
My Lord Byron’s DelightNew Bo-PeepNew Bore, The
New Invention, TheNew Rigadoon, ANobe’s Maggot
Nobody’s JigNone SuchOf Noble Race Was Shinkin
Old Simon the KingOpen the Door to ThreePilgrim, The
Pretty MissPrince GeorgePrincess, The #2
Purlongs, ThePut on Thy Smock a MondayQueen’s Jig, The
Row Well, Ye MarinersRub Her Down with StrawSawney Was Tall
Serag’s Hornpipe, TheSham Doctor, TheSion House
Spanish JigSword Dance, TheTake Not a Woman’s Anger Ill
Temple, TheTrenchmoreTrip to the Jubilee, The
Tythe PigUp with AilyWallingford House
Welcome Home, Old RowleyWell’s HumourWimbleton House
Winchester WeddingWitches, TheWoolly and Georgey
Young Jemmy #2

Dances with 7 Different Figures

AmaryllisApe’s Dance, TheApley House
Barley-Mow, TheBeaux Delight, TheBeveridge’s Maggot, Mr.
Black NagBlack NellBlue Cap for Me
Blue PetticoatsBouzer CastleBuff Coat
Catching of QuailsCornish Squire, TheCount Tallard
DammeDevil’s Dream, TheDull Sir John
Excuse MeFiddler’s Morris, TheGranny’s Delight
Highlander’s March, TheIndian Queen, TheJack a Lent
Jack PuddingJack’s Farewell, TheJockey Was a Dowdy Lad
Ladies’ Conveniency, TheLadies’ Misfortune, TheLady Banbury’s Hornpipe, The
Maiden FairMaid’s Last Wish, TheMan Tiger, The
Merry Milkmaids in Green, TheMilkmaid’s Bob, TheMiller’s Jig #2
Mother Brown’s CatNew Year’s EveNews from Tripoli
Night Piece, TheOld BachelorPaspe, A
Pell-MellPicking of SticksRound O
Rufty TuftyScotch CapSlaughterhouse
Soldier and the Sailor, TheSoldier’s Life, ASpanish Gypsy, The
St. AlbansSt. Martin’s LaneTaylor’s Trip
Trip to Bury, ATrip to St. John’s Court, ATunbridge Walks
Upon a Summer’s DayValentine’s DayWa Is Me, What Mun I Do?
Watton Town’s EndWhely HouseWinchester
Wish, TheWooden ShoesYoung’s Delight, Mr.

Dances with 8 Different Figures

AlchurchAll in a Garden GreenAlthea
BellamiraBlue BreechesChestnut
Christmas CheerConfessCuckolds All a Row
Cupid’s GardenDevonshire HouseDissembling Love
Easter EveEpping ForestEssex Building
Fine Companion, TheGathering PeascodsGreenwood
GrimstockHang SorrowHealth to Betty, A
Hobb’s WeddingHyde ParkIrish Ground, The
Irish Lady, TheJenny Pluck PearsLady Spellor
LavenaLilli BurleroLove for Love: Danc’d in the Play
Mage on a CreeMaiden LaneMundesse
Old Noll’s JigParson’s FarewellPepper’s Black
Petticoat WagPool’s Hole #2Pope Joan
Princess, The #1Putney FerryRoyal Navy, The
Sailor’s DelightShepherd’s Daughter, TheSmith’s New Rant
Stanes Morris Step Stately Tom Tinker
Twas within a Furlong of Edinburgh Town Vigo Whirligig, The

Dances with 9 Different Figures

Bath, TheBlack JackBoatman, The
Catch Club, TheCountry Coll, TheDraper’s Gardens
Durham StableFain I WouldFrench Rigaudon, The
Healths, TheHunt the SquirrelKettle Drum
Lady Lie Near MeLondon’s LoyaltyLull Me Beyond Thee
Maid Peeped Out of the Window, TheMermaid, TheNew Conceit, The
New Figary, TheNew Royal Exchange, TheNewmarket
Oaken LeavesOld Man Is a Bed Full of Bones, AnOranges and Lemons
Paul’s SteeplePegasusPrincess’s Court, The
Saturday Night and Sunday MorningShepherd’s HolidaySimple Simon
SkellamefagoSolomon’s JigSpaniard, The
Spring GardenSweet KateTwenty-Ninth of May, The
Under and OverUp Tails AllYoung Jemmy #1

Dances with 10 Different Figures

A la Mode de FranceAdson’s SarabandArgeers
Aye MeBeggar Boy, TheBore, The
Broom: the Bonny, Bonny BroomCatching of FleasDuke of Lorrain’s March, The
Irish TrotJog on, my HoneyLady Cullen
Lady in the DarkMansell, The Mask, The
Merry, Merry Milkmaids, The Motson’s Jig Newcastle
Paul’s WharfRose Is White and Rose Is RedStingo
Ten Pound Lass #1Twins, TheWhitehall

Dances with 11 Different Figures

Bobbing JoeCheerily and MerrilyCottey House
Gray’s Inn MaskGreen Sleeves and Pudding PiesGun, The
Have at Thy Coat, Old WomanIf All the World Were PaperNonesuch
Saraband, TheSilver Faulken, TheWhat You Please

Dances with 12 Different Figures

Gossip’s Frolic, TheLord Chamberlain’s Delight, TheOld Mole, The
Phoenix, ThePunk’s Delight (the New Way), TheSmith’s Rant
St. Martin

Dances with 13 Different Figures

AbergennyCast a BellGlory of the West, The
Huntington’s Maggot

Dances with 14 Different Figures

Ginnie Pug

Dances with 15 Different Figures

Chelsea Reach