Dance Groupings

Each dance requires that the dancers be arranged in a particular way, such as in a circle or line. Some dances are for a specific number of people, while others are for “as many as will.” This index sorts all the dances by how the dancers are grouped and arranged.

As Many As Will


Round – 3 Couples

Epping ForestGelding of the DevilJenny Pluck Pears
Kemp’s JigMaid in the Moon, TheMundesse
Put on Thy Smock a MondayPutney Ferry

Round – 4 Couples

Catching of QuailsFine Companion, TheIf All the World Were Paper
Kettle DrumMage on a CreeNewcastle
Oaken Leaves

Round – as many as will

Chirping of the NightingaleGathering PeascodsJoan Sanderson
Mill-FieldOpen the Door to ThreePepper’s Black
Rose Is White and Rose Is RedSage LeafSellenger’s Round
Up Tails All

Square – 2 Couples

AltheaArgeersCuckolds All a Row
Glory of the West, TheHeart’s EaseHit or Miss
Lady in the DarkNew Conceit, TheParson’s Farewell
Rufty TuftySt. Martin

Square – 4 Couples

Chelsea ReachDull Sir JohnFain I Would
Hunsdon HouseHyde ParkOranges and Lemons

Longways – 3 Couples

Adson’s SarabandAll in a Garden GreenBeggar Boy, The
Black NagBlue Cap for MeBoatman, The
ChestnutConfess (His Tune)Dissembling Love
Durham StableGreenwoodGrimstock
Jack a LentJack PuddingMaiden Lane
Millison’s JigNight Piece, TheOld Mole, The
Picking of SticksScotch CapShepherd’s Holiday
Step StatelyStingoUpon a Summer’s Day
Whirligig, TheWish, TheWoodycock

Longways – 4 Couples

AbergennyAye MeBlue Breeches
Broom: the Bonny, Bonny BroomCheerily and MerrilyChirping of the Lark, The
DaphneGray’s Inn MaskGreen Stockings
Healths, TheLady SpellorLord of Carnarvon’s Jig
Lull Me Beyond TheeMall PeatlyMerry, Merry Milkmaids, The
Milkmaid’s Bob, TheNonesuchPegasus
Phoenix, ThePrince Rupert’s MarchShepherd’s Daughter, The
Simple Simon Solomon’s Jig Spaniard, The
Spanish Gypsy, The Spring Garden Ten Pound Lass #1
Twins, The

Longways – as many as will

Drive the Cold Winter AwayDumps, TheExcuse Me
GoddessesHalf HannikinHemp-Dresser, The
Hockley in the HoleJoan’s PlacketLady Day
Madge on a TreeNew Bo-PeepOld Man Is a Bed Full of Bones, An
Parsons upon DorothyRow Well, Ye MarinersSkellamefago
Slip, TheSoldier’s Life, AStanes Morris
Sweet KateThomas You CannotTouch and Take
TrenchmoreUnder the Greenwood Tree

Duple Minor Longways

Akeroyde’s PadAlchurchAmaryllis
AmericaAnna MariaApe’s Dance, The
Apley HouseArcadiaAstrope Wells
Barley-Mow, TheBeaux Delight, TheBellamira
Beveridge’s Maggot, Mr.Bishop of Bangor’s Jig, TheBlack Bess
Black NellBonny DundeeBore, The
Bouzer CastleBritains, TheCarpenter’s Maggot, The
Catch Club, TheCheshire RoundsChildgrove
Christchurch Bells (in Oxon)Christmas CheerCobbler’s Jig, The
Colonel’s Health, TheCoronation Day, TheCottey House
Country Farmer, TheCrosby SquareCuckoo, The
Czar of MuscovyDammeDaniel Cowper
Dick’s MaggotDr. Pope’s JigDraper’s Gardens
Duchess, TheDunmore KateEaglesfield’s New Hornpipe, Mr.
Easter EveEaster TuesdayEdinburgh Castle
Ely MinsterEmperor of the Moon, TheEnfield Common
English Pasby, TheEssex BuildingEurope’s Revels
Fit’s Come on Me Now, TheFrench King’s Mistake, TheFrench Rigaudon, The
Frolic, TheFy, Nay, Prithee JohnGarter, The
George’s MaggotGeud Man of Ballangigh, TheGranny’s Delight
Greenwich ParkHappy Marriage, TheHappy Meeting, The
Happy Miller, TheHealth to Betty, AHedge Lane
Hey Boys, Up Go WeHey Ho, My HoneyHobb’s Wedding
Hole in the WallHuntington’s MaggotIndian Queen, The
Irish BoreeIsaac’s Maggot, Mr.Jack’s Farewell, The
Jack’s HealthJack’s MaggotJacob Hall’s Jig
Jockey, TheJohnny, Cock Thy BeaverJohnson’s Jig
Jovial Beggars, TheJuice of Barley, TheKensington Court
King of Poland, TheKing’s JigLadies’ Conveniency, The
Ladies’ Delight, TheLadies’ Misfortune, TheLadies of London
Lane’s Trumpet Minuet, Mr.Last New French Rigaudon, TheLilli Burlero
LincolnLord Mayor’s Delight, TheLord Phoppington, The
Love for Love: Danc’d in the PlayLove Lies a BleedingLove Neglected
Lumps of PuddingMad MollMad Robin
Maid in the Mill, TheMaid Peeped out of the Window, TheMaid’s Delight, The
Maid’s Last Wish, TheMaid’s MorrisMan Was for Woman Made
Mansell, TheMarlborough, TheMarriage Hater, The
Mask, TheMay FairMermaid, The
Miller’s Jig #1Mock Hobby Horse, TheMoll Peatly (the New Way)
More the Merrier, TheMother Brown’s CatMother Dobney’s Trencher
Mount HillsMug House, TheMulberry Garden
My Lady Foster’s DelightMy Lord Byron’s DelightMy Lord Byron’s Maggot
Never Love Thee MoreNew Bath, TheNew Bore, The
New Figary, TheNew WhitehallNew Year’s Eve
NewmarketNobody’s JigNone Such
O Mother, RogerOf Noble Race Was ShinkinOld Abigal’s Delight
Old BachelorOld Noll’s JigOld Simon the King
Ormond HousePell MellPilgrim, The
Pool’s Hole #1Pope JoanPortsmouth
Pretty MissPrince GeorgePrincess, The #1
Princess, The #2Punch Bowl, ThePurlongs, The
Pye CornerQueen’s Birthday, TheQueen’s Head, The
Queen’s Jig, TheRed Bull, TheRed House
Rockingham CastleRoger of CoverlyRound, The
Royal Navy, TheRub Her Down with StrawSailor’s Delight
Scotch AirScotlandSerag’s Hornpipe, The
Shore’s Trumpet TuneShort’s GardenSiege of Buda
Siege of Limerick, TheSingleton’s SlipSion House
SlaughterhouseSoldier and the Sailor, TheSt. Albans
St. CatherineSword Dance, TheTake Not a Woman’s Anger Ill
Taylor’s TripTemple, TheTemple Change, The
Ten Pound Lass #2Three Sheep SkinsTom Tinker
Touch and GoTrip to Bury, ATrip to St. John’s Court, A
Trip to the Jubilee, TheTunbridge WalksTwas within a Furlong of Edinburgh Town
Tythe PigUp with AilyValentine’s Day
Valiant JockeyViennaVigo
Wa Is Me, What Mun I Do?Waltham AbbeyWelcome Home, Old Rowley
Well HallWestminster HallWestmorland
Whim, TheWhitehallWhitney’s Farewell
WinchesterWitches, TheWolverton Hall
Wooden ShoesYoung Jemmy #1Young’s Delight, Mr.

Duple Minor Longways Repeated

A la Mode de FranceBath, TheBlack Jack
Blue PetticoatsBobbing JoeBuff Coat
Cast a BellCatching of FleasCavylilly Man
Country Coll, TheDevil’s Dream, TheDevonshire House
Duke of Lorrain’s March, TheDuke of York’s Delight, TheFriar and the Nun, The
Ginnie PugGossip’s Frolic, TheGun, The
HaphazardHave at Thy Coat, Old WomanIrish Lady, The
Irish TrotJamaicaJog On, My Honey
Lady Banbury’s Hornpipe, TheLady CullenLady Lie Near Me
Lady Murray’s Delight, The Lavena Lord Chamberlain’s Delight, The
Maiden Fair Motson’s Jig New New Nothing
New Royal Exchange, ThePaul’s SteeplePaul’s Wharf
Petticoat WagPunk’s Delight (the New Way), TheSaraband, The
Saturday Night and Sunday MorningSmith’s New RantSmith’s Rant
Twenty-Ninth of May, TheUnder and OverWallingford House
Watton Town’s EndWhat You Please

Triple Minor Longways

Arundel StreetBarham DownBarker’s Maggot
Beautiful Scrabmagg, TheBetty’s MaggotBeveridge’s Ground, Mr.
Black and GreyBlackheathBloomsbury Market
Bonny Grey-Ey’d Morn, TheBourrée la BassBuford’s March
Bury FairBuskinCaptain’s Maggot
Cary’s MaggotCheshire AlleyCobbler’s Hornpipe, The
CockleshellsCornish Squire, TheCount Tallard
Country AbigailCupid’s GardenDainty Davy
De’il Take the WarsDragoon’s MarchDraper’s Maggot
Duke of Gloucester’s March, TheDuke of Luxemburgh’s MarchDunkirk
Ely CourtEpsom WellsFiddler’s Maggot
Fiddler’s Morris, TheFrench Ambassador, TheFriday Night
From AberdeenGilford, TheGolden Square
Green Sleeves and Pudding PiesGreen Sleeves and Yellow LaceGrenadier’s March
Gun Fleet, TheHang SorrowHare’s Maggot, The
Hey to the CampHighlander’s March, TheHill’s Maggot
Holyrood DayHunt the SquirrelI Often for my Jenny Strove
IanthaIrish Ground, TheJockey Was a Dowdy Lad
Jolly Boy, TheJolly Breeze, TheKnot, The
Ladies’ Maggot, TheLady of PleasureLambeth Wells
Lane’s Maggot, Mr.Lane’s Minuet, Mr.Last New Rigadoon, The
Last New Vagaries, TheLincoln’s InnLondon’s Loyalty
Man Tiger, TheMerry Milkmaids in Green, TheMiller’s Jig #2
Mock Match, TheNew Bourrée, TheNew Invention, The
New Rigadoon, ANews from TripoliNobe’s Maggot
Nottingham CastlePainted ChamberPaspe, A
Pool’s Hole #2Princess’s Court, ThePuddings and Pies
Queen’s Delight, TheReeve’s MaggotResolution
Round ORummer, TheRussel, The
Sancho PanchoSawney Was TallSham Doctor, The
Spanish JigSt. Martin’s LaneStaggins’s Jig, Mr.
Twelfth EveTyger, TheVirgin Queen, The
Well’s HumourWhely HouseWhitehall Minuet
Wimbleton HouseWinchester WeddingWindsor Castle
Woolly and GeorgeyYoung Jemmy #2Young Sir Solomon

Triple Minor Longways Repeated

Jenny, Come Tie My CravatNorthern NancySilver Faulken, The